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Widescreen laptop case
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If you have to carry it all, these are the bags for you!

Carry all your business needs, including your widescreen laptop computer, comfortably with these stylish carriers made using your favorite fabrics and colors. Clear and complete instructions take you step-by-step through the process of quilting, cutting, marking and sewing.

The 13½"H x 17½"W x 3½"D Executive Carryall has a zippered closure and two styles of handles, including a detachable, adjustable padded strap for comfortable over-the-shoulder or cross-body carrying.

The super-easy-to-insert zipper opens wide for easy access to the inside of the case or purse.

Four outside pockets (one zippered), three open inside pockets, and one zippered inside pocket provide convenient and safe storage for papers, file, and accessories.

A special back strap enables the carryall to be safely hooked over the handles of a rolling suitcase.

The 13"H x 17½"W x 2½"D Widescreen Laptop Case has a zippered closure and an outside zippered pocket. Padded handles make it easy to carry. Use it inside the Executive Carryall to add extra cushioning for your widescreen laptop computer.

Laptop carriers made in your favorite fabrics are perfect gifts for teens, students, guys — or anyone special!

Annie prefers to use 100% polyester Soft and Stable ™ in place of batting in these computer carriers. Not only is the Soft and Stable™ very lightweight, but it holds its shape very nicely and really makes a professional looking bag.

Make life easy by ordering an Executive Carryall Finishing Kit containing all the zippers and necessary hardware for your Executive Carryall. Finishing kits are available with hardware in antique brass, black, or nickel.

If you are making the Widescreen Laptop Case, all you will need are two heavy-duty handbag zippers .


If you have a regular-sized laptop (14" monitor) and want a smaller case, be sure to check out our Laptop Computer Carriers pattern.

For smaller devices, such as iPads, you may like our MiPad Case, Netbook Computer Carriers, or iCases patterns.

Customer Comments:

"This was quite a project. I kept at it. Each new step was a challenge.  I've never made something like this before. So I can say I can critique from the point of view of a newcomer.

Your directions were excellent.  I can see that you spent a great deal of time writing these. I feel that the completed project made from your pattern is so well made, reinforced seams, all bound, it should last forever."  Cynthia M.