Designed for the Craftsy Class - Sew Sturdy: Multitasking Messenger Bag, you'll save time and money by ordering this bundle to complete your project.

Bundle includes:

  • One 40" double slide zippers #4.5 nylon-coil handbag zippers with extra-long pull*

  • Three yards of 1.5" Strapping (black or white)
  • Three yards of 1" Strapping (black or white)

    • Fusible Interfacing, 36" x 19"
    • Mesh fabric, 1/2 yard = 18" x 54" piece of mesh fabric (14 different colors)
    • Fold-over elastic, 2 yards package (14 different colors)
    • One yard of 3/4" hook & loop (black or white)

    • Two 1" D-rings (antique brass or nickel)
    • Two 1" Swivel Hooks (black metal, antique brass, or nickel)
    • Two 1.5" Triangle Rings (black metal, antique brass, or nickel)
    • Two 1.5" Swivel Hooks (black metal, antique brass, or nickel)
    • One 1.5" Widemouth Slider (black metal, antique brass, or nickel)

    • ByAnnie's Soft and Stable, 36" x 58" (black or white)

    *NOTE: One 40" zippers will make all zippers needed.  Instructions explain how to insert zippers larger than needed, allowing you to avoid the stops at each end.


    *See Zipper Color Card for available color options. You can pick just the right color for your project!

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    Multitasking Messenger Bag Bundle

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