This Add-on Video™ tutorial will provide you with additional support on the following five steps in the pattern:

  • Introduction

  • Overview of Project

  • II-E: Prepare Border (Option 1)

  • III-A: Attach Border to Front Window

  • III-C: Attach Zipper and Zipper Strip A to Front Window

  • IV-C: Bind

Great for organizing everything you need for each of your projects!


These handy zippered bags have sturdy quilted bases and vinyl windows for visibility of contents.  A handle at the top may be used for carrying or hanging.


The medium, large, and jumbo bags also have colorful borders at the bottom. These borders may be pieced or may feature a single fabric.


Hold and organize everything from sewing supplies to puzzles, games and more in these sturdy bags.

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Project Bags 2.0 Add-on Video

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