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You will love this flexible little LED light which attaches to your sewing machine and provides brilliant WHITE light, right where you want it.

You'll also love our special price on this light which typically retails for $49.95!

The Bendable Bright Light is an energy efficient LED light that will provide over 100,000 hours of light. (That's equal to about 12 hours of use per day for 20 years.)

No batteries are needed.  The light comes with an 8-foot power cord and six removable adhesive clips to hold the wire out of the way.

An ON - OFF push button on the base of the light makes it easy to turn the light on or off.

Non-magnetic mounting brackets are used to attach the light to your machine, so it uses no counter space and won't harm the electronics of your machine.

Additional mounting clamps can be purchased for other machines so that you can move the light from one machine to another. (However, I'm too lazy to mess with that. . .I just bought a separate light for each machine.)

The light features a quality metal flexible arm and metal light housing with a single LED.

The Bendable Bright Light provides brilliant flexible pure white light for detailed projects and hard-to-see places. You can position the light right where you want it and it's not in the way.

P. S. Your husband will want one for his workshop, too.

Comments. . .

"I didn't think I needed this light until I tried my friend's light. I was amazed at the difference! I love how it shines a bright, white light right at my needle. When I'm ready to do handwork (or some ripping), I just turn the flexible arm out and I've got great light for that, too." Annie

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Bendable Bright Light

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Item ID: SUP101

  • $39.95

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