#SewPINK Just In Case

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#SewPINK Just In Case

Just In Case, at your next appointment speak to your physician or OB-GYN about your family history and risk factors.

Do You Know Your Risk Factors?

Cancer can rear its head in many forms, and it's difficult to pinpoint any single cause. But you can take the reigns as you assess your personal health and family history.

Factors In Your Control

  • Exercise and weight - Studies show that 20lbs of extra body mass can increase your chance of breast cancer by 45%. They also show that regular exercise helps to lower estrogen levels in the blood, reducing cancer growing factors like insulin.
  • Diet - The survival rate for breast cancer patients increased by 22% when following a low fat diet that includes vegetables and whole grains.
  • Alcohol consumption - Alcohol increases estrogen and androgen hormone levels in the body. Compared to non-drinkers, 2-3 drinks per day can increase the chance of breast cancer by 20%.

Genetic Factors

  • Be familiar with any cancer that runs in your family history. Particularly in the case of first degree relatives(parents, siblings, children) and second degree (grandparents, aunts/uncles, nephews/nieces). You can read some more details HERE.
  • The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are responsible for fixing DNA damage inside the cell. Mutations of this cell are hereditary and increase the risk for breast cancer fron 12.5% to 85%
  • Although the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are most common, there are at least 12 other known hereditary genetic mutations to be aware of. Consult with your physician or OB/GYN to determine if you should seek genetic counseling.

History of the Treatment of Cancer... With a Focus on Breast Cancer

Our understanding and treatment of cancer has come a long way! Some of the earliest texts ever discovered (dating as far back as 3,000BC) actually refer directly to growths found in the breast tissue. Since then we have refined our knowledge of the disease and have been able to actually map and pinpoint single mutated genes in our DNA that contribute to the development of cancer.

For a closer look at the treatment timeline!

#SewPINK and Just In Case

The figures above might seem scary, but with the resources available peace of mind is in reach to many around the world. We urge all of our friends in the sewing community to take the time to speak about the risk factors above with a physician Just In Case.

We began this initiative to raise awareness and engage with the wonderful sewing community in a fun way! This month we have already seen so many incredible projects, and have been empowered each weekday in the #SewPINK Blog Hop. If you have missed any of the fun, take a look at our #SewPINK Welcome Blog to see the line up and more details on ByAnnie’s #SewPINK Initiative!

Welcome to #SewPINK

This week we wanted to make something fun and colorful. We decided to make the Just In Case pattern, because it's the perfect project for those wanting to practice their zipper and pocket skills!

We chose a pink cutesy floral with dark pink coordinating fabrics from Flutter and Shine by Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs for Riley Blake Designs. For our zippers we thought the dandelion and parrot blue zippers would stand out wonderfully!

Sew With Annie to See How Easy Zippers can be!

Annie has made an incredible video to show you all the wonderful ways you can use zippers, you'll never have to fear a zippered project again!

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