#SewPINK Sun Visors

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#SewPINK Sun Visors

This week we made a few #SewPINK Sun Visors to remind you that, rain or shine, there's always a reason to keep your head up.

Catch Up On The #SewPINK Blog Hop

This is the first year of our #SewPINK Intitative to help raise awareness for breast cancer. We are so thankful for the love and support of the sewing industry thus far!

We have so much fun reading the celebrity blog posts. If you want to catch up on the posts, you can see the entire event calendar here.

#SewPINK Donations

When we first began preparing for #SewPINK and breast cancer awareness month, we had no idea how it would be recieved or how we could make a difference. We just knew it was something that was important to us and we wanted to try and make a difference.

On top of the blog hop, we wanted to also be committed to raising money for the cause. We decided to donate 30% from our PINK items sold online to an organization. As we searched for an organization to donate to, we were so happy to find only great things about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Here are a few fun facts we found about the BCRF

  • The BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the USA according to CharityWatch.org.
  • In 2018 the BCRF had $67,760,000 in total contributions to commercial and non-commercial (eg. Universities) causes.
  • Commercially, 19.5% of BCRF grantees have filed patents in the advancement of breast cancer research, and 35.9% of grantees have already reached clinical trials with their research.
  • BCRF grantees are responsible for the training of over 400 grad students, and nearly 800 doctoral fellows. Growing the scholarly network that is dedicated to finding a cure.

#SewPINK Sun Visors

This is a fun project that offers year round stylish utility. Keep one in your purse, glove compartment of your car and your luggage so your always prepared for a sunny day. Plus there are 3 styles provided for total customization. It's as easy as digging into your fabric stash, grabbing some Soft and Stable™, and a no-tie curly shoelace!

The Sunglasses Visor, is a small visor designed to slide onto your glasses or sunglasses, keeping the sun out of your eyes with no hat hair or headache!

The medium-sized Sporty Visor has a 3 12" brim allows you to stay hip and trendyin the sun and in the fun.

The larger Wide-Brimmed Visor provides maximum protection of the face, ears, and neck and is perfect for the beach, gold, tennis, gardening... well really any outdoor activity!

Week 3 Featured Winner!

We found this weeks winner on Instagram. Linsday had this to say about her project and #SewPINK:

"This bag is great for travel and making it in pink was an obvious choice for me. I love the idea that a whole month is committed to raising awareness for breast cancer and finding a cure. I love the support that the ByAnnie community and that they are giving back to such a great cause!"

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