Introducing: Flipping Out

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Introducing: Flipping Out

There’s nothing quite like our new (Fall2019) pattern, Flipping Out. You’ll love learning about this quick and easy project. It’s great for gifting or personal organization! You’ll enjoy how easy it is to carry items when it’s securely zipped, as well as how it can be unzipped and the outside flipped down to stand proudly on a desktop. To see more of what Annie has to say about the Flipping Out, watch our Closer Look video!

What Can I Use It For?


8½”H x 3½”W x 3½”D when closed, 4½”H x 3½”W x 31/2”D when folded down.

  • Pencils
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutters
  • Toys
  • Chocolates


14½”H x 5½”W x 5½”D when closed, 8”H x 5½”W x 51/2”D when folded down.

  • Knitting needles/yarn
  • A bottle of wine or other favorite drink
  • Larger craft supplies
  • Toys

Interesting Features

Flipping Out is so-named because of this pattern’s ability to fold down for easy access to whatever is inside. To accent the fold-line, we had fun including a bit of Renaissance Ribbon as a border on some of our models.

There is also a fun loop at the top of the pattern that lets you hang it off a hook. Or, if you’re feeling festive, off the mantle in place of Christmas stockings!

The base is circular and allows Flipping Out to stand upright and at attention on a desk or other flat surface. Imagine you’re taking it, full of marking tools, to a sewing class. You can have it zipped up to protect what’s inside from falling out as you travel to class, and once you arrive you can set it upright on the table, fold it down, and use it as a holder. So easy!

Inside are small lightweight mesh fabric pockets (lined with fold-over elastic), which are a great way to organize what’s inside even further. Smaller items (think needle case, sewing machine feet, and erasers) are easily secured and kept from getting lost in those mesh pockets.

Supplies needed for Flipping Out

*see the supply list on our website or in your pattern to determine quantities

  • Fabric (see your local quilt shop!)
  • ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable
  • Fusible Interfacing
  • Mesh fabric
  • Handbag zippers
  • 20mm fold-over elastic
  • Decorative ribbon (optional)
  • Thread

Have you worked with zippers? Flipping Out has a zippered exterior for secured transportation!

Want some help working with zippers? Learn from Annie in our "Zippers Are Easy" video series!

Flipping Out gives you the chance to learn many new techniques, have you ever worked with fold-over elastic and mesh?

You can also add a decorative ribbon onto the exterior of your Flipping Out for an extra touch of elegance.

Add-on Video

There is an Add-on Video for this pattern. The videos are specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help the customer learn our best techniques. It doesn’t replace the pattern -- it enhances the sewing experience!

To support local quilt shops, related paper patterns include a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video. This is a $5.00 value. You (the customer) can then use the coupon to get the video for free on our website.

The Add-on Video tutorial for Flipping Out will provide you with additional support on the following four steps in the pattern:

  • Prepare bias-binding
  • Prepare and attach zipper
  • Attach gusset and finish zipper
  • Finishing bottom of body and attaching base

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