Introducing: It's A Cinch

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Introducing: It's A Cinch

If you're looking for an exciting way to use our lightweight mesh fabric, look no further than our It's A Cinch pattern. Read this blog to learn great uses for this fun and fantastic new pattern.

It's A Cinch

This pattern features colorful cinch sacks in three handy sizes: small, medium, and large. This project is quick to make, great to gift, and fun to use!

The small size is great for collecting seashells on the beach... the sand falls right through!

A more niche use is for mushrooming: as you collect mushrooms, the mesh provides ventilation and allows the 'shroom spores to disperse from the bag as you walk.

Other ways to use this size are as a produce bag, library book bag, or for carrying tennis/ping pong balls.

The medium and large sizes are great for containing larger items: think toys, gym clothing, soccer balls, or dirty laundry.

The mesh makes for brilliant ventilation, so those stinky gym clothes don't smell even worse! 

You can choose fabrics to match rooms in your house, or color coordinate your toys in the garage or playroom. We also found the bags perfect for gathering pool toys and accessories.

Embroidery Opportunity

Each of these handy mesh sacks has a fabric panel that runs around the middle of the bag. We used quilting cotton for ours, but you could opt for a more durable or water-resistant fabric, depending on the intended use of your bag.

Want to know the best part about these fabric strip? It presents an exciting opportunity for embroidery!

    Embroidery ideas:

  • Names
  • Artistic Designs
  • Sports Logo
  • Company Logo
  • Labels ('Toys,' 'Blocks,' 'Puppy Supplies')

Looking for embroidery designs? Check out these designs by Sue O'Very.

Sturdy Cinch Straps

Sturdy fabric straps pull through the reinforced fabric casing at the top of each bag to cinch it shut.

The straps attach to a tab on back for easy carrying over the shoulder or as a backpack. 

You can choose fabric for your straps that match the rest of your bag, or use a contrasting colored fabric to make the straps stand out. It's up to you!

Mesh Magic

Lightweight mesh fabric provides visibility, breath-ability, and just the right amount of stretch. 

ByAnnie's lightweight mesh fabric is available in 14 stunning colors, specially coated to be less slippery (and therefore easier to work with), while still remaining soft and pliable. Best of all, it's easy to sew!

Nervous about sewing with lightweight mesh fabric? We have a helpful PDF tutorial that you can check out.

Great for gifting.

It's A Cinch makes a great gift. It's fast and easy to make, and it doesn't take a ton of supplies.

    Gift ideas:

  • Personalize the bag to suit your giftee's interests
  • Sew it in a favorite sports team's colors
  • Going on vacation? Make each grandkid their own bag with their name embroidered on it so they have a personalized sack for their swim suit
  • Sew it for a new college student who needs a laundry bag for their dorm room

Supplies Needed

This pattern is fast and easy to make, and that includes gathering your supplies!

Need more info? Check out the pattern on our website and click on the 'supplies' tab to see specific amounts for each size.

Add-on Video

Once you've bought the pattern and it has arrived on your doorstep, open it up to find the coupon code for your Add-On Video inside. Then, go back to our website, log in, add the It's A Cinch Add-On Video to your cart, type your code in at check out, 'purchase' it, and get to sewing!

Sewing with Annie, this Add-on Video covers some of the more difficult parts of the pattern:

  • Overview of the project
  • Prepare the casing
  • Prepare cinch sack bottom
  • Attach mesh top
  • Sew sides and bottom with French seam

To access your Add-On Video, you'll need to be logged into your Digital Library!

Happy Stitching!

Thank you for reading our blog about It's A Cinch. Want to learn more? Watch our 'A Closer Look' video.

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