Spotlight: Base Stabilizers

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Spotlight: Base Stabilizers

At, we pride ourselves on our professional-looking, well-constructed bag patterns. To really up our game, we're offering clear acrylic base stabilizers that slip easily into the base of select bags to provide extra structure and durability. Base stabilizers are the support your bag needs!


More on the product itself.

Our base stabilizers are:

  • Clear
  • Acrylic
  • 1/10” thick
  • Easy-to-insert
  • Durable

What’s the big difference?

A base stabilizer isn’t a necessity, but we highly recommend it. The base stabilizer will give your bag the support it needs when carrying heavier items, and will help keep its shape. In the end, the stabilizer will increase the longevity of your bag while simultaneously giving your bag a professional look!

In the image here, you can see the difference in appearance a base stabilizer makes.

How do I insert the base stabilizer?

If your pattern calls for a base stabilizer, there will either be instructions for sewing a separate base stabilizer fabric sleeve (to make it coordinate with your bag) or there will be instructions for a base stabilizer sleeve that will attach to the inside base of your bag.

It’s easiest to insert a base stabilizer into that stabilizer sleeve by flipping your bag partially, or completely, inside-out, slipping the stabilizer in, and then flipping the bag back to normal.

Which projects have available base stabilizers?

As of 2020-07-28, these patterns have base stabilizers available for purchase:

Base stabilizer sliding into fabric sleeve.

Base stabilizer sliding into stabilizer sleeve.


What if there isn’t a base stabilizer for the bag/project I have?

Have no fear! We will slowly be adding new base stabilizers to our website as demand increases. If we don’t have the base stabilizer you need, this is what we recommend:

Step 1: Reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know which base stabilizer you wish we had (or comment below on this blog post!). This will help us gauge which base stabilizer we should make next.

Step 2: In the meantime, we recommend carefully cutting out your own base stabilizer using a sturdy cardboard or a sturdy foam board (such as Gatorfoam®). Feel free to reach out to us for recommended dimensions!


Thank you for reading our Spotlight on Base Stabilizers blog post, please comment below if you have any requests for future base stabilizer offerings!

We hope you learned something new and that you feel prepared to give your bag the support it needs with our high-quality acrylic base stabilizers.


----Happy Stitching!

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