#SewPINK Initiative 2020 - Welcome!

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#SewPINK Initiative 2020 - Welcome!

The #SewPINK Initiative is our Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that kicked off in October 2019. Our goals were to raise awareness, encourage people to get their screenings, come together as a community, and donate to breast cancer research. We believe breast cancer awareness is important all year, and although we emphasize it in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), our continuous goal is to provide resources and awareness year-round.

Learn what our #SewPINK Initiative is about here!

The 2020 #SewPINK Blog Hop

Get inspired by following along with our 2020 #SewPINKers this October! They'll be sewing fun projects while spreading breast cancer awareness. Some of them may even be offering prizes or giveaways!

Oct. 1 (Thur): Mister Domestic

Oct. 5 (Mon): Sewfinity

Oct. 7 (Wed): Great Heron Thread

Oct. 9 (Friday): Knot and Thread

Oct. 12 (Mon): Snuggles Quilts

Oct. 14 (Wed): A Bright Corner

Oct. 16 (Fri): Susan Quilts

Oct. 19 (Mon): HUGS'N KISSES

Oct. 20 (Tues): Sallie Tomato

Oct. 22 (Thur): Nancy Scott

Oct. 23 (Fri): Meadow Mist

Oct. 26 (Mon): LoveYouSew

Oct. 27 (Tue): Teresa Coates

Oct. 31 (Sat): Sue O''Very/Sookie Sews

Bosom Buddy Sew-Along with Annie

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Come prepared with your PDF pattern printed, your Add-on Video watched, and your pieces cut! Annie will be LIVE on Facebook for a fun and relaxed Bosom Buddy sew-along. Learn sewing tips, ask questions, and enjoy sewing with our ByAnnie community!

Donating to Breast Cancer Research

Every penny counts. This section explains what we're doing to help.

Early Detection Saves Lives

Despite its limitations, a mammogram is the most effective form of screening. It's not the most enjoyable appointment you'll have all year, but in 20 minutes a mammogram can identify cancer several years before any physical symptoms develop.

It's important to stay positive as you handle your screenings. 1 in 9 mammograms result in a callback for further testing, and 95% of these callbacks do NOT have cancer!

Encourage your loved ones to get screened and remember that breast cancer affects men as well as women. Let's stay on top of this together!

Find a screening program near you:

Breast Screen (Australia)

CDC.gov (US)

WebMD (free screenings)

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