October 2020 Monthly Photo Contest Winners - Part Two

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October 2020 Monthly Photo Contest Winners - Part Two

We are so excited to announce the #SewPINK Award winners of October's Photo Contest! See who else won this month in our Part One blog post, HERE! To learn more about what it takes to win, be sure to check out our blog on the contest details.

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If you want to see all photo submissions visit our Customer Photo Gallery. You can also search through all of the Winning Submissions here.

More about the #SewPINK Award: This category is only for the month of October and November! Share your story or experience with breast cancer, submit photos of Bosom Buddy or other related projects you've sewn (maybe you sewed a bag for a hospital stay), offer advice or encouragement, or share resources. Maybe you have experience with another form of cancer, we welcome your thoughts as well. We're excited to see what you come up with, and what breast cancer awareness means to you!

Let’s see the winners!

SewPINK Storyteller Award


"Last year I printed out the free pattern for the Bosom Buddy, planning to use it for a gift for future breast cancer patients. My mom died from breast cancer 9 years ago and now many of her friends are getting breast cancer, including her best friend, my godmother. I followed her tradition of gifting minkee pillowcases to anyone who gets this diagnosis. I thought to myself, I'll start making the Bosom Buddy instead.

Not even a week later I received the startling news that at age 39, I had a lump in my right side. I had a simple lumpectomy scheduled for October 30th.

As I was leaving work on October 29th, ready for a 1- 2 week recovery, the surgeon called. There were 5 spots and they were not close together. I had to completely change the plan and instead had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery on December 16th. As I was recovering I took out the Bosom Buddy pattern and made myself one from my favorite Tula Pink unicorns. I had enough left over from quilting fabric for the Universal Travel Tote, so I adjusted the length a bit for the piece I had. It was just the right amount of sewing to feel like I accomplished something while still recovering from surgery. I found out the cancer was in my left side as well, so having the double mastectomy was a blessing in disguise.

In January I had a port installed and started 2 months of bi-weekly chemo, followed by 12 weeks of weekly chemo. I lost all my hair on February 15th, the day after my 40th birthday.

COVID hit in March as I was beginning the weekly radiation. I've used my Bosom Buddy every day as I have driven to chemo, 5 weeks of daily radiation, and now as I returned to work. The Bosom Buddy goes with me everywhere, anytime I am in a car. My port is at a weird angle, so it sticks out and gets caught on the seatbelt, but never with the Bosom Buddy.

As I celebrate my one year anniversary as a survivor, I'm so thankful for the #sewpink initiative. I can't imagine life without this special seatbelt cover."

WON: $50 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Store Highlight

Dazzilene Memory Quilts

"I made this quilt for my friend Jamie out of her t-shirts. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when she was 23. She endured chemotherapy and radiation for 5 months and ended up having a double mastectomy because she was tired of being sick. She has been in “remission” for 10 years!

This quilt was a gift for her birthday (August), 5 year wedding anniversary (September), and 10th Boobtober (October) 2020. This has been a hard year for a lot of people but she got to celebrate life for another year this year and I wanted her to have something extremely special to remember it by.

Jamie sent me her t-shirts earlier this year and it took me a while to get them perfect for her. This quilt has memories from high school, college, road tripping, fighting cancer, and finally getting married.

I learned so much about free motion quilting from making this quilt. I learned how to draw out my designs in certain blocks and “tracing” over them and in other blocks I learned how to just go with what my heart was telling me to do. This quilt is a labor of love for one of my best friends and I’m so thankful she let me make it for her."

WON: $50 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Award

Bette B.

"My daughter bought this [Round Trip Duffle] as a kit for me to make. I decided to finish it and to give it to her. This was a challenge for me but I enjoyed making it. I am a 10 year breast cancer survivor!"

WON: $15 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Award

Penny W.

"As a Breast Cancer Survivor, I love making small Hope clutches to give away. Women going through [breast cancer] always need a pick me up and what woman could not use another purse?!?" :)

WON: $15 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Award

Cynthia G.

"I wanted to make something pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and couldn't resist this fabric of lipstick colors. I already had the pink "birds" fabric in my stash but such a small amount. So two ByAnnie patterns [Room With A View and Clam Up] were sewn. Since there was only fat quarters of these fabrics, I am improving skills of piecing and matching fabric designs and using directional fabrics.

My husband has been a radiologist reading mammograms for >40 years so we have been sensitive to getting the word out on early detection. My quilts are given to those enduring chemotherapy as it is chilly in the infusion rooms and I hope they are feeling my love and support. Besides they are nicest blankets in the room! I just started ByAnnie projects and am enjoying each challenge in making a gift that gives smiles to a recipient."

WON: $15 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Award

Janice W.

I made a Bosom Buddy to match the Catch All Caddy that I use in my car to corral my Covid supplies (wipes, gloves, masks, sanitizer). Although I am a breast cancer survivor, I am fortunate that I only need the Bosom Buddy to keep the seatbelt off my neck.

I was diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer last October after a routine mammogram. I had a lumpectomy the day before Thanksgiving, and had radiation daily during the month of January. I am lucky that I had no side effects at all.

I went on a scuba diving vacation in mid-February and on the last day I was injured in a boating accident. I came home to get treatment for the injury just as Covid was recognized as a pandemic. So it’s been quite a year!

WON: $15 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Award

Joy F.

I have a friend who I met 36 years ago at one of my first jobs. We have been friends all of these years. The job wasn't so great, but the friendships that I made there were worth the adventure. My friend just went through breast cancer treatment. She was fortunate to find out that the type of breast cancer she had was very survivable. She had the lumps removed, then she had to go through radiation treatments. She did have a lot of issues and pain with her treatments, but she persevered like a real pink warrior. I am exceptionally proud of her!

I made this Take a Stand bag for her because I liked the size and it would be a fun bag to carry to her doctor's appointments and treatments. I also made it pink for breast cancer awareness, and it doesn't hurt that pink is my favorite color.

I wanted it to be a statement bag that she could use long after her breast cancer treatments, so I chose a fun pink and strawberry theme.

Strawberries are not only delicious when they are fresh and ripe, but they are also bright and pretty and make people smile. That is how I describe my friend. She is bright and pretty and always smiles. She never let the breast cancer diagnosis or treatment change who she is. She's always positive and is ready to take on anything that life throws her way. It's good to have a girl friend like her because she is always an inspiration when needed.

My friend, TOOK A STAND against breast cancer and I could not be prouder!

WON: $15 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Award

Mary J.

"This spring I bought my granddaughters a sewing machine off of a Goodwill auction, and it was a risk but it paid off. The machine is perfect for a 6 and 9 nine year old. Since they are only with me for a few months and the machine had no case I knew I needed to make something they could store it in along with some basic sewing supplies in their apartment.

I needed to make some slight adjustments [to the Take A Stand pattern], knowing how kids can be. I followed the steps to add batting and quilting because that would provide the padding when the machine is not being used. The straps needed to support the weight of the machine so I used some webbing I had on hand and decided to have it go under the bottom of the bag, adding extra support.

I opted to keep the bag as big as possible and didn't trim to the size outlined in the instructions, which required making the end pieces a bit bigger. I included the pockets on the outside but to reduce any concerns of inner pockets getting caught up as they took the machine in and out of the bag I opted not to include those.

The other major change was the top closure. I had a zipper that was perfect but after putting the machine into the tote it would have put extra tension on the zipper (and we all know how much we like replacing zippers - Not). I made a tab to fold over and close with velcro.

I had this fabric in my stash and since they both like pink this fabric was the perfect choice, and it just happened to be the color for October breast cancer awareness. I lost my mom to cancer 8 years ago from lung cancer and it was from her my love of sewing and working with fabrics grew. I hope I can also instill in my granddaughters a love and passion of creating."

WON: $15 ByAnnie coupon

SewPINK Award

Tamara B.

"I just got a pacemaker in June and the car seatbelt bothers me. When I saw this pattern [Bosom Buddy] I thought it was brilliant. Then I remembered a young mother at my church who has just finished her chemo and will be having surgery for breast cancer in a few weeks. So this one is for her and I will make another. The pattern was easy to follow even without the video."

WON: $15 ByAnnie coupon

A special ‘thank you’

to everyone who submitted to this photo contest, we had a wonderful time viewing submissions and ready your stories. We look forward to sharing as many of them as possible on our social media.

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