Introducing: Mesh Fabric Color Sample Pack

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Introducing: Mesh Fabric Color Sample Pack

Have fun with color!

We are so excited to officially announce our Mesh Fabric Color Sample Pack!

There are so many choices to make when choosing colors for a project and this flip-book of mesh fabric color swatches will be just the thing to have on hand when you’re making those fun decisions.

This mesh sample pack includes all fourteen of our mesh colors riveted to a sturdy card. Each sample piece is 6" x 8". The rivets are built to hold up to wear and tear, while still making it easy to store the samples afterward.

The backing card is printed with a zipper color card to help you choose zippers, too.

Be sure to leave your comments and questions at the bottom of this blog post after you’re done reading. Let us know your favorite mesh color, if you’ve come up with your own ways to audition colors, or ideas you have for future projects!


Auditioning is for stars, like you!

“Auditioning” is the process of experimenting with different colors of products.

We unfold or unroll the fabric we’ve chosen for a project and simply place the zippers or fold-over elastic we have available on top or beside that fabric to see how the colors work.

One of the trickiest choices we make when auditioning colors is choosing the color of mesh. The mesh fabric is see-through and colorful, so it will affect the look of the fabric onto which it is sewn. Do we want to see the mesh? Or the fabric? Some colors of mesh will enhance the fabric below; others will obscure it.

When we begin laying different colors of mesh on top of the same piece of fabric, the results are often surprising! There have been many times we expected to use one color but ended up choosing another because it was more to our taste.

Your on-hand cheat sheet!

This handy flip-book cheat sheet contains a swatch of each one of our brilliant mesh colors and makes it fast and easy to audition mesh colors over your fabric.

Simply lay the fabric of your choice out flat and test each individual mesh color by laying it on top of the fabric. Take the time to test each color to get a good idea of your options.

That’s all there is to it!

Maybe a previous project left you with some usable mesh scraps, but you want to find new fabric for sewing your next pattern. Simply take your Mesh Fabric Color Sample Pack with you on your next fabric shopping adventure and test that mesh color on the fabrics you’re considering before making a final decision.

How do I work with mesh fabric?

If you’ve never sewn with our lightweight mesh fabric before, now is the perfect time to give it a try! We have a variety of easy-to-sew patterns that use mesh as well as a great mesh PDF tutorial!


Two of our ByAnnie Basics patterns use a minimal amount of mesh. To make matters even more exciting, they each have a free Add-on Video tutorial that will walk you through each step. This is especially helpful for us visual learners! After adding the patterns and videos to your cart and checking out, you can access them in your Digital Library any time you like.


Not only will you learn to sew a large mesh zipper pocket, but you’ll gain a useful project bag!

Fat-quarter friendly and fun, you can sew this project in an afternoon or less.



Call Me

Originally intended to be used as a name tag and cell phone carrier, this crossbody pouch can also be used for carrying all you need for a grocery run.

Tuck your mask, sanitizer wipes, cell phone, grocery list, and payment method into the various pockets, and you’re ready to go.

Many people also use this carrier for walking the dog: it’s easy to tuck away the unused doggy bags, hand wipes, or little treats and have them all within easy reach.

Call Me’s small size makes it perfect for using leftover project scraps!



Can I buy sample color sheets of all your products?

Who knows what the future may bring, but at the moment our only available sample pack is for mesh fabric colors.

You’ll find a printed color card showing colors of our zippers and mesh on the back of the Mesh Fabric Color Sample Pack. Fold-over elastic colors correspond to mesh and zipper colors of the same names.

If you want a sample pack of zipper or fold-over elastic colors, we recommend that you keep a piece of each color you order for future reference.

In our studio, we keep a ring of all 48 colors of the 24” zippers on hand for auditioning.

Because the plastic packaging can slightly distort the colors, we remove the zippers from their packaging. We then staple the tag to the top of the zipper and put them on the ring in numerical order to make selection and identification easy.


Thank you so much for your interest in our patterns and products. We wouldn’t be where we are today without makers like you. Be sure to check out our ByAnnie Photo Contest and follow us on social media at @PatternsByAnnie to gather inspiration for your next big make. Let us know in the comments what colors you love to work with!

----Happy Stitching!

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