November 2021 Photo Contest Winners

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November 2021 Photo Contest Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of November's Photo Contest! To learn more about what it takes to win, be sure to check out our blog on the contest details.

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Let’s see the winners!

ByAnnie Top Voted

WINNER: Cindy S.

ABOUT: We loved seeing the Hoot 'n' Annie Softies that Cindy made.

THEIR STORY: Cindy said, “These softies will be sold at the Gallery of Gifts during the month of December at Art League Gallery on Hilton Head Island."

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on

Storyteller Award

WINNER: Cathy M.

ABOUT: Cathy modified a Power Trip to fit her sister's study Bible.

THEIR STORY: "I am writing in appreciation to you Annie for your inspiration to make the projects for which you sell patterns. I had made some of your patterns with some success and had a couple of unfinished projects. When the pandemic hit, I had to focus on other things and finished my unfinished projects. To date, I have made 35 items from your patterns. When I learned you are a CPA, I understood the detail and logic that created the patterns with all their wonderful instructions. I have not found "cut on the bias" instructions that succinctly anywhere else. I am chagrined when I see a comment about the price, because the patterns are worth every penny you charge.

The great thing about your patterns is that once one sees how the project is constructed, i.e., pockets, tabs, zippers, etc. can be added or deleted to tailor the project to satisfy an individual need. I also appreciate your humility in accepting the validity of others’ work or explaining that we don’t always have to do everything perfectly.

The pattern I am featuring is Power Trip. My sister needed a new cover for her study bible. She wanted something like the small Pack It In! cube, but I wanted to get a pattern that was closer to the size I needed so I found the Power Trip was the right size. She needed a pocket for her colored pens and pencils, an open pocket for an envelope, two pockets inside to hold 5” x 8” papers, and a zippered case that a piece of paper could be seen through (for a piece of paper with a code on it that she didn’t want to lose or ever take out.) (Study bibles are about 3” high and approximately 8” x 10” in length and width, and colored pencils are used to mark certain words to enhance understanding when studying.)

I used materials with a musical theme from my stash. I made a zippered pocket for the front and put the zipper on the side to make it as large as possible to holds the pens. Then I faced the pocket so that an inner pocket was created to hold an envelope. On each side of the inside, I made an open pocket to hold papers. Then on the left side I made a vinyl pocket with a zipper on top of the inner pocket. If I make another one, I would make the outside pocket about a ½” smaller in height."

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on

Quilt Shop Highlight

WINNER: The Patchwork Moose

THEIR STORY: "These are mostly photos from the retreat held last weekend featuring the trunk show. We made Clam Up and Take a Stand bags."

WHERE IS THEIR SHOP: Talkeetna, Alaska

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on


Instagram: @thepatchworkmoose

Facebook: @ThePatchworkMoose


Honorable Mention


ABOUT: Kim upgraded her sister's wheelchair bag to something a little more colorful by modifying the Out And About and Got Your Back 2.1 patterns. How creative!

THEIR STORY: "My sister uses a wheelchair, which came with a bag that hung on the handles behind her. This was extremely useful to carry spare changes of clothes, mittens and hats, and other things we need to have handy to care for her. Unfortunately it was a boring gray and black utilitarian bag. So my mom suggested I make her a bag that would bring a little sunshine (and I thought that was a brilliant idea).

The bag needed to fit within the wheels and hardware on her chair. So I set about finding a pattern I could use. The Got Your Back 2.1 was close in size... but I LOVED the front pocket on Out and About. So I bought them both, found some fun fabrics, and started doing the math.

As you can see from the pictures, I may have overdone the math!!! (It’s the engineer in me) I marked up the pattern directions for the pieces and parts I needed. Figured out how I wanted to attach the bag to the wheelchair. Drew up the dimensions and a drawing to scale. Double checking everything (and cutting longer gusset pieces than I needed so I could cut to fit) and then went to work.

I learned a LOT doing this bag... the construction of the Out and About front pocket was super clever and much simpler than I had imagined. I love how it gave me the ability to add a pop of color! I also gained experience in modifying a pattern — I changed all dimensions, plus combined the two patterns. it was also my first time making the straps from fabric with the webbing inserted. That opens up a lot of possibilities! I’ve used Soft and Stable many times before but once again it was great to work with. I also got a lot better with my binding installation (thanks for the YouTube tutorials Annie!). I did not add many of the pockets as they were not necessary for her needs, but I'm itching to make a straight up Out and About with ALL the bells and whistles.

We love the result and she is now riding around in style! Thanks for your great patterns and projects!!"

WHAT WE LOVED: Annie herself took one look at Kim's creation and said, "I love how she combined Got Your Back and Out and About to make a custom bag for her sister's wheelchair. The fabrics she picked are so cheery and it was really fun to see all the thought that she put into the project."

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

Honorable Mention

WINNER: Sherry B.

ABOUT: How cute is this Backseat Babysitter that Sherry sewed as a baby gift? We think it's adorable.

THEIR STORY: "I choose the Backseat Babysitter pattern because I wanted to give a baby gift that would be useful and used for a long period of time. Also, it's a "one of a kind" gift! This is actually my second backseat babysitter bag that I've made. And with the recent announcement of two more additional family members coming in 2022, I'll have this pattern memorized. Ha! When I took the picture in our suburban, I did discover that the seat was a bit larger than the bottom straps allowed. So, in the future, I'll be checking the size of the vehicle seats the backseat babysitter would be used in. It didn't take long for my two year grandson to begin packing this bag with his toys!"

WHAT WE LOVED: One ByAnnie team member said, "This Backseat Babysitter is so cool, and I'm sure that it will keep the child in the picture busy for all the rides." We can't help but agree.

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

Honorable Mention

WINNER: Stephanie (Sam) M.

ABOUT: We love how Stephanie/SamSews sewed so many Renaissance Ribbons Bags for loved ones. We love how she modified the larger bag to be able to nest the smaller one.

THEIR STORY: “I joined the Renaissance Ribbons (RR) monthly kit club and made the first kit (olive & turquoise). As commonly happens with me; I made the two bags and decided everyone I know needed a set for Christmas! So, I began making bags in March of this year. Three weeks of vacation, countless late nights, and roughly 140 hours later, I completed 70 bags (35 pairs).

I added one inch in height to the "large" bag, to make the finished bag tall enough for the smaller bag to nest inside. Ultimately, I made four pair from RR kits. I also made one pair using their "Shanghai on Pink" 5" French velvet board (because I wanted to make one set exactly like the original Anne pattern). All the bags have my signature ("Sam" / SamSews) tag inside so the recipients have proof their bags were handmade.

Except for one other Patterns ByAnnie bag, this entire project was my first experience at quilting in any form. After quilting dozens of panels, I got a little bold, and experimented with free-motion quilting on four of the bags. These bags took considerably longer to quilt but the outcome was fantastic. I am secretly glad I didn’t try the free-motion quilting until the last few bags, else I would still be working on them!"

WHAT WE LOVED: Put simply by one ByAnnie team member: "Bags galore!"

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

Honorable Mention

WINNER: Susan R.

ABOUT: Susan had kind words to say about our Under Cover sewing pattern and a beautiful finished project to match!

THEIR STORY: "Under Cover is the Cadillac of sewing machine cover patterns. The directions are detailed and easy to follow. The Add On video helps out on the tricky parts.

I chose this pattern because when I rearranged my sewing room and placed my Janome under the window, I needed something to cover my machine to protect it from the light and temperate changes. Under Cover was the perfect solution. Not only does it cover my machine, it has enough pockets to carry everything I need when I travel with it and enough padding to protect it from inevitable bumps.

This was the first time for me working with mesh, elastic binding, and magnets! Easy-peasy! It was also the first time that I put so many ByAnnie elements together in the same project: magnets, zippers, mesh, elastic binding, Soft and Stable. Then I was inspired by Annie's Under Cover sample and added ribbons for embellishment and zipper pull tabs."

WHAT WE LOVED: One ByAnnie team member said, "I loved how she showed the different angles of the cover and that she took on a pattern that uses so many different ByAnnie elements. She tested herself and it paid off!"

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

#SEWPINK Category Winners

#SEWPINK Grand Prize Winner


THEIR STORY: "Since June is 2021 I have had 4 surgeries for melanoma on my face. Also in June I had a few weeks to recover from a brain bleed. There was lots of time I had to be home to recover but I don’t like to do nothing so sewing is my go to activity. I used fabric that I had to make Take A Stand to match my Under Cover.

I needed a masculine Double Zip Gear Bag 2.0 so I found ruler fabric and black and gray that work well. My daughter loves purple so I had that too. These are some of my favorite patterns to make. The Clam Up is a perfect go to small bag. The Power Trip was a joy to make and love the peacock fabric. I fussy cut to get them going in the right direction. With a 5th surgery scheduled for early December I will have plenty of time to make more of ByAnnie patterns. These will find homes for Christmas presents."

PATTERN FEATURED: Pack It In, Clam Up, Double Zip Gear Bag, Power Trip, Take A Stand

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on


WINNER: Linda K.

THEIR STORY: "My niece was diagnosed in October, breast cancer awareness month. She'll undergo surgery on November 12. This was a whirlwind quilt — fabric purchased, pattern decided, pieced, quilted and bound in record time for me. She's 51. Her previous job was as an X-ray tech doing mammograms. All of this has made me more aware of the high rate for women."

PATTERN FEATURED: Moda Love Quilt (modified)

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on


WINNER: Maryse T.

THEIR STORY: “Heart Cushion and Bosom Buddy to help a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, to let her know she's not alone and someone is thinking of her and wanting to make the journey a little easier."

PATTERN FEATURED: Bosom Buddy and a heart cushion

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on

A special ‘thank you’ to everyone who submitted to this photo contest, we had a wonderful time viewing submissions and ready your stories. We look forward to sharing as many of them as possible on our social media.

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