Introducing: Take A Stand

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Introducing: Take A Stand

ByAnnie is pleased to announce our latest pattern, Take A Stand!! Watch the intro video above to find out all about this awesome bag, or continue reading below to find out how useful it can be for you!


The Take A Stand pattern has instructions for two different sizes, so you'll be sure to make a great bag that's just right for your needs.

These stand-up totes have an easy-to-install zippered top that opens wide for easy access to the spacious interior. 

Both sides of the bag have large exterior pockets, which are great for storing keys, a phone, and more, while the inside of the bag is lined with divided mesh pockets for extra storage and organization.

Best of all, both bags are designed to have a detachable carrying strap which can be adjusted to be worn over your should or cross body.


Take A Stand has a wonderful companion pattern called Running With Scissors. Take A Stand, with its A-frame shape, allows you to drape the Running With Scissors bag over the top of it, so you have convenient and easy access to your tools while conserving space at your work table.

Together, they make it easy for you to have everything you need when traveling to classes or retreats.


Aside from being a great stand for the Running With Scissors tool case, the smaller sized Take A Stand works really well for carrying other tools and supplies you'll want to take with you.

We were able to fit our circle rulers, patterns, project pieces and even an iron!

We also love the idea of using it as a stylish purse!


The larger size is also a great bag to fill with all your necessities. It is spacious enough to fit the Running With Scissors tool case inside of it, or you could fill it up with fabrics, crafting supplies, skeins of yarn, rulers, or even a small sewing machine!

We've also found that it works great as a small over-night bag or a handy diaper bag!


To find out what items you’ll need to complete your project, check out the supply list located on the back cover of your pattern, or look online under the “Supply List” tab on the Take A Stand page.

Please note that this pattern also comes with access to add-on video tutorials, which can help you through some of the more challenging aspects of the project. A coupon code is provided when you purchase the pattern, allowing you to have access to the videos through your digital library, when logged into your account on

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