Spotlight: Lightweight Mesh

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Spotlight: Lightweight Mesh

We Love Variety

Lightweight and a bit stretchy, this mesh is fabulous! It's perfect for pockets on bags or on any project where you want to see what you'll be storing.

ByAnnie offers 1/2 yard packages of mesh (18 x 54 inches) which is enough for numerous small projects. We wanted to make sure you had plenty of variety to choose from, so mesh is available in fourteen colors to match our best-selling Handbag Zippers and Fold-over Elastic!

We love sewing with this mesh because it is specially coated to be less slippery and it is easy to work with, while still being soft and pliable. It's 100% polyester, washer and dryer safe and may be pressed or ironed on medium heat, so you can feel confident that it will hold up over time.

If you haven't sewn with mesh before, don't feel overwhelmed. In the ByAnnie patterns that use mesh, we give instructions on how to finish the edges with a simple binding or by using our extra-easy-to-use fold-over elastic for a little added stretch. Annie has a great tutorial video that shows how to attach bindings, so click below to watch!

Note: We also have all 14 colors of mesh available in 15-yd rolls!

Mad About Mesh

One of our favorite patterns is Mad About Mesh. It's a fun and easy project to make and the bags can be used for so many things. Here are some great summer time ideas:

  • Carry wet towels, bathing suits, or flip flops to help them dry out faster.
  • Contain shovels and buckets for sand castles without bringing the sand back home with you - it'll fall right through the holes!
  • Use them to help organize pool toys, goggles, snorkels and more so your items don't get left behind at the pool.
  • Give a different color bag to each of your kids or grand kids so they'll be able to easily contain and keep track of their belongings while on family vacation.

Better Together

We like the Mad About Mesh bags so much, we want it to be easy for everyone to make! For a limited time, we're offering everything you need to make these bags in one easy bundle. By getting everything together, you'll save more than 25% off the retail price! Bundle includes:

(1) Mad About Mesh pattern
(1) 24" single-slide Handbag Zipper
(1) 1/2 yard package of mesh
(1) 2 yard package of our new fold-over elastic

A New Approach

When the hot summer heat started rolling in, our team sat down and talked about how much fun it would be to reinvent some of our existing patterns using mesh. All of us agreed that it would be really fun to have a backpack that was more lightweight and breathable. So, we made both the Back At Ya 2.0 and Got Your Back 2.0 bags!

We found that it was a lot of fun to stretch our imaginations, and think outside the box. If you're up for a fun challenge, you could try making a mesh backpack too, or perhaps a great beach bag like our Totally Trendy Totes 2.0!

Pack It In

If you're headed on a fun summer vacation, be sure to take some Pack It In bags with you! The mesh tops make these the perfect packing cubes. They have just enough stretch that you can really fill them up, but the mesh also provides visibility to the items packed inside, as well as ventilation so everything stays fresh.

You can stack and pack these bags inside your suitcase or use the convenient handle to carry them on their own. Are you curious to see just how much can fit inside? Click below to watch a short video showing how easy it is to pack for a trip or even a day at the beach!

Stash and Dash

The Stash and Dash is another favorite pattern using mesh. If the warm weather is calling you to take a hike, go out camping, or to hit the open road, it'll be a good idea to have some supplies on hand.

This wrap is great for use as a first aid kit that can easily be thrown in a backpack, glove compartment or travel bag. The Stash and Dash also works well to hold toiletries or cosmetics, making travel just a bit easier.

No matter how you use it, you'll love being able to keep your necessities organized and clearly visible in case you need them.

Tell Us What You Think!

Have you ever tried making one of our patterns out of mesh? Do you like finishing your mesh pockets with bindings or fold-over elastic? Do you have a fun and creative way you like to use mesh? We want to know, so be sure to comment below!

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