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2021 Local Quilt Shop Winners

We are so excited to announce this winners of this year's Local Quilt Shop Contest! Thank you to everyone who voted and who participated in this overflowing amount of support and love directed at local quilt shops around the world!

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August 2019 Photo Contest Winners

Get inspired by the winners of August's Photo Contest!

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August 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Get inspired by August's photo contest winners! We have over 90 submissions this month and it was so hard to choose!

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January 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Get inspired by looking at our top-voted winners' photos in January's photo contest! When are you submitting your project photos?

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May 2022 Photo Contest Winners

April sewists bring May photos! There were so many incredible submissions this past month it was almost impossible to choose winners.

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September 2019 Monthly Photo Contest Winners

Once again we had so many wonderful submissions! Each month the ByAnnie family looks through the bags and votes for their 3 favorite bags. This month's winner was Randi P, submitted all the way from Norway!

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