Introducing: Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0

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Introducing: Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0

We are so excited to announce our new and improved pattern, Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0! Watch the video below for a quick intro to this fun-to-make travel bag with Annie herself.

If you’re craving more information, watch our A Closer Look Video to help you succeed with this fantastic project.

Whether you're traversing across the globe or looking for a bag to carry your sewing machine to class, Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 is the perfect bag for you. Sew it in fun, adventurous fabrics to stand out in the crowd. Or you could sew it in beautiful solids and neutrals that match your luggage or personal sense of style.

Plenty of pockets provide organization. A detachable, adjustable padded carrying strap and sturdy handles give versatility in carrying options. A trolley sleeve on the back makes maneuvering around the airport or hotel easy.


What’s so different about the 2.0?

Ultimate Travel Bag has been a fan-favorite pattern at ByAnnie for a while, but it was in need of some freshening up! The older pattern is still great, and will still result in a wonderful bag. The 2.0 version does have some big changes, though!

  • Updated images and clearer instructions
  • Internal pockets made of fabric or mesh (your choice)
  • Trolley sleeve added to the back
  • Add-on Video™ (supplemental tutorial)

What’s a trolley sleeve?

Great question. The trolley sleeve is a sleeve that allows the handle of a suitcase to pass through, so you can rest the bag securely on the top of your luggage as you speed through the airport or roll to your next sewing class/retreat.

The original Ultimate Travel Bag pattern had a mere strap to secure the bag to the handle of the luggage. Same function, but the 2.0 has a much better trolley sleeve design. It’s sleeker, sturdier, and placed for more effective use.

Carry-on compliant.

Speaking of luggage, will Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 fit in the overhead bin? Most likely. Check with your airline.

Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 measures: 13¾"H x 14½"L x 4½"D at the top and 13¾"H x 18½"L x 8"D at bottom.

Maximum size for a carry-on bag: 14" x 22" x 9" for most domestic airlines.

So fill your bag with all you need to remain comfortable on your travels! Don't forget your books, snacks, and sweatshirt.

What about the pockets?

When Annie travels, she’s all about function and organization, especially when we’re talking bags. Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 boasts:

  • 1 zippered pocket on the front exterior
  • 1 slip pocket on the front exterior
  • 2 slip pockets on the sides exterior
  • 1 slip pocket on the back exterior
  • 3 slip pockets on the front interior
  • 1 full-length mesh zippered pocket on the back interior

These pockets are great for organizing anything and everything you’ll need on your next adventure.

All about that base!

We want your bag to be as sturdy and durable as possible, so we included two optional instructions for your Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 - a base stabilizer, and buttons!

Base Stabilizer:

You’ll want to pick up an Ultimate Travel Bag base stabilizer (BS160) to slip into the base of your bag. It will keep the bottom of your bag looking crisp and in-shape, no matter what you’re carrying inside. Having the extra support will reduce undue tension on the rest of your bag, giving it a longer life. Learn more about our clear acrylic base stabilizers HERE.


Optional, but you’ll want them. We have included instructions for adding buttons to the underside of your bag. These buttons reduce wear and tear when you place your bag on the ground, as well as help protect the bottom of the bag. We recommend at least six 1” to 1½” buttons. Sometimes, we combine buttons for added interest and lift.

Slide a base stabilizer in for extra protection, sturdiness, and shape!

Buttons protect the bottom of Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0!

What else do I need?

To make life easier, and to save you time (and money!), we have a bundle available for Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0! The bundle contains all the supplies you need (except for the base stabilizer, thread, fabric, and pattern) to make your project.

Or, you can find the supply list for Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 HERE. Just click on the Supply List tab.

The pattern calls for:

And recommends:

Watch and learn.

We recommend watching the Add-on Video™ before you start sewing, to get good grasp on what you’re about to begin. The Add-on Video™ can be especially helpful to watch before attending an Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 class at your local quilt shop. That way you can be sure to have all your project pieces ready to go before class.

Your paper pattern will come with a coupon code of $5 value that will give you access to the Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 Add-on Video. Just add the Add-on Video™ to your cart, plug in the code that comes with your paper pattern, check-out, and watch the video over and over in your digital library. You will need to wait for your paper pattern to arrive in the mail to get your coupon.

The Add-on Video™ is not a start-to-finish tutorial, but a supplemental video that will walk you through the more unique/challenging parts of the pattern. This video series will help you with these steps:

  • An overview of the project
  • Attach Pockets A and B (V.F)
  • Adjust Shape of Zipper Strip (VI.B)
  • Attach Pocket F (VIII.B.3)

Can I sew this project if I’m a beginner?

An adventurous beginner can complete the Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 pattern.

We recommend some or all of the following:

  • Watch the Add-on Video™ - it will walk you through the more unique aspects of the pattern
  • Sew the ByAnnie Basics patterns to learn the ropes (especially Easy Does It!)
  • Take an Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0 class at a local quilt shop - if possible
  • Call us or a sewing friend if you get stuck - we're all rooting for you to succeed!


Thank you so much for your interest in our patterns. We wouldn’t be where we are today without makers like you. Be sure to check out our ByAnnie Photo Contest and follow us on social media at @PatternsByAnnie to gather inspiration for your next big make. Let us know in the comments what you're working on!

----Happy Stitching!

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