Have you ever arranged and re-arranged all the blocks for your quilt on your design wall, moving blocks until you have them "just so." 

But, when you took the blocks down to sew them into rows, something got out of order or turned upside down. . . well, you know the drill. 

If so, you will love this handy set of eighty 2" x 2" Quilt Layout Markers. 

Large numbers on the heavy white cardstock tags make them easy to read on any color of fabric.  Bright yellow dividers separate the markers into rows and a sturdy 2" ring keeps them neatly together between projects.

Here's how to use these terrific Quilt Layout Markers:

  • Lay out a quilt with up to 10 rows of 8 blocks per row.

  • Decide on an arrangement. 

  • Before you take the blocks down for sewing, weave a straight pin through the hole in the middle of the appropriate marker to attach a tag to each quilt block.

  • Tags may be used in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal positions.

  • Finally, when you go to sew the blocks together into rows, you'll know exactly which block goes where and which orientation is correct.

Customer comments:

"I really appreciate your excelllent customer service and I can't wait to get my latest quilt to the point where I can use the Markers.  My quilting girlfriends will be thrilled too."  DM

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Quilt Layout Markers

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