Aloha Hibiscus

Aloha Hibiscus pattern cover
Aloha Hibiscus table runner version 1 has Soft and Stable and wool batting
Aloha Hibiscus table runner version 2 with just wool batting
Aloha Hibiscus pillow
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Applique with fusible thread makes this project super easy!


Learn a great new technique for fusible appliqué as you make a project that is full of aloha.  Have no fear — appliqué is easy using the fusible thread method. 

You’ll love having a project without the stiffness and flatness that often results when using traditional fusible products. 

Pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for two projects:

  • 18” x 42” wall hanging/table runner

  • 18” x 18” pillow

Both projects are suitable for hand or machine appliqué — even raw edge appliqué — but are easiest to accomplish with appliqué using fusible thread.

Complete directions for this technique are included in the pattern instructions.

Why use this method?

  • It's fast and fun!

  • Your pieces are fused in place, but just along the very outer edge, so you get the ease of fusible appliqué without the stiffness or flatness that often results when using traditional fusible products.

  • Once fused, the appliqué shapes stay firmly in place as you stitch around their raw edges with a decorative stitch. No pins needed. And, no shifting or moving — or puckers at the end. Sweet!

  • After completing the stitching around the edges, you can trim away the extra layers beneath the appliqué shapes.

Techniques used include appliqué (by hand or machine), machine piecing, and quilting.

Other helpful info:

Note from Annie. . .

For a table runner with great body and stability, I suggest using Soft and Stable in place of batting when quilting. For the first table runner pictured above, I used Soft and Stable and it resulted in a wonderful sturdy runner. I wanted the flowers to really puff, so I actually added a layer of wool batting on top of the Soft and Stable. Once done, I realized it wasn't really necessary. I had beautiful puffiness on the back as well and there was no wool on that side.