Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs pattern cover
Toddler bib - lamb version
Toddler bib - lamb version (open)
Toddler bib - chick version (open)
Toddler bib - chick version
Itty Bitty inset strip bib - orange
Itty Bibby Ladybug bib
Itty Bitty inset strip bib - ladybug
Item # PBA116

In two sizes and four styles!


Make mealtime fun and cleanup simple with these easy-to-make bibs accented with fabric texturized using Superior Threads' Texture Magic™.

The Toddler Bibs (about 9" wide and 11" long when worn) feature quilted fabric and an extended shoulder piece.

Texturized animals (a lamb or a chick) are easily appliquéd in place using fusible thread. The pattern includes complete instructions for appliqué using fusible thread.

The Itty Bitty Bibs (about 7" x 7") can be made in two versions: a cute ladybug bib with texturized wings or a simple bib with a texturized inserted strip.

Each bib uses just a small piece of Texture Magic™. So, you can make several bibs out of one half-yard package of Texture Magic™.

Or, if you prefer, you may skip the texturizing step and make any bib with plain fabrics.

NOTE: Ultrasuede is wonderful for making the beak and legs on the appliquéd animals.

Texture Magic and Fusible Thread
Applique With Fusible Thread - Part 1