ByAnnie's 2016-2017 Issue 3 Catalog

Item # Catalog-2016-Issue3


We are excited to share our first-ever catalog with you. In this catalog we bring together everything that is and we promote some of our amazing partners.

As with any catalog, on the following pages you'll find information about our newest products. These include seven new patterns for everything from car organization to baby changers and seven stunning colors of lightweight mesh with new matching fold-over elastic. But more than just putting together a catalog, we are trying to do something special.

Therefore, on all the pages for the newest patterns we feature the fabric lines that we used to make our beautiful models. We have done this as a special thank you to all of the amazing designers and fabric companies who have shared their latest works with us. We couldn't produce these eye-catching models without the designers and fabric companies — they inspire and delight us every day!

We hope this catalog inspires you to try these beautiful fabric lines and to sew something new. Remember to check with your local quilt shop for fabrics, patterns, and supplies. Your support keeps them in business and helps us all continue to provide the new and exciting products to you.