Hoot 'n' Annie Owl Softies

Hoot and Annie owl softies
Annie owl softie made with Minkee fabric
Item # PBA117

Someone you know is sure to love one!


These quirky little soft toys are simple to make using scraps of fabric and ultrasuede or felted wool.

Accents of fabric texturized using Superior Threads' Texture Magic™ add to their charm.

The Hoot Owl Softie uses just 13" x 17" and the Annie Owl Softie uses just 11" x 17" of Texture Magic™.

So, you can make several toys out of one half-yard package of Texture Magic™.

Or, if you prefer, you may skip the texturizing step and make the owl softies with plain fabrics.

NOTE: Ultrasuede is wonderful for making the eyes, beak, and feet. 

Just be warned: Against all your good gift-giving intentions, these little cuties might prove too loveable to let go!

Try texturizing some Minkee or other plush fabric. It looks like feathers!

The purple Minkee fabric at right was stitched to the Texture Magic™ using the sewing machine's serpentine stitch.

Irregular rows were stitched about ¾" to 1" apart in a grid pattern.

Minkee texturized looks like feathers!