Water Soluble Applique Foundation (19" x 1yd)

Item # SUP118YD

Perfect for appliqué and many other uses!


You'll get professional results by using the Water Soluble Appliqué Foundation material and machine appliqué method used by award-winning quilters.

If you prefer the appearance and stability of needle-turn appliqué done by hand, but don't want to devote so much time to your appliqué projects, this machine appliqué method is sure to interest you.

Package contains a 1-yard piece of 19" wide Water Soluble Appliqué Foundation material.

Here are the easy steps:

  • Trace the appliqué design onto the Water Soluble Appliqué Foundation material and cut out.

    (Make it really fast by stapling several pieces of foundation material together and cutting out all at once!)

  • Glue the foundation shape onto the back of the appliqué fabric using a water-soluble school glue stick.

  • Cut out the fabric, leaving a seam allowance around the stabilizer shape.

  • Apply glue to edges of fabric and turn fabric edges under. A wooden nail stick makes it so easy!

  • Glue the prepared appliqué pieces in place on quilt background.

  • Stitch in place using invisible thread and a blanket or zigzag stitch. The Water Soluble Appliqué Foundation material keeps your pieces sturdy yet still easy to quilt over.

  • After quilting, wash the quilt and the foundation material dissolves, leaving a bit of fiber to fill out the appliqué shapes. Your appliqué pieces will become very soft and have the appearance of needle-turned hand appliqué.

The Water Soluble Appliqué Foundation material also makes a great stabilizer when thread painting, satin stitching, or embroidering by hand or machine. It will easily tear away if desired and any remnants will dissolve when the object is washed.

Because the Water Soluble Appliqué Foundation material is stiff enough to run through the computer, trapunto or quilting designs can be printed onto the foundation material. Glue the design to the back of the quilt, stitch along the lines, and wash the foundation away when you are finished.