Handy 12-page Quick Reference Guide


Find the formulas you need — fast!

  • What size should I make it?

  • Calculating setting and corner triangles for diagonal sets

  • What about proportions?

  • Fibonacci for quilters

  • Rotary cutting formulas

  • Fabric measurements (sweet sixteenth, fat eighth, jelly rolls, and so on)

  • Measuring for borders and yardage requirements

  • How much binding do I need?

  • How wide should I cut the strips for binding?

  • How much fabric do I need for the back?

  • Fractions to decimals

  • Equivalents for inches and yardage in fractions and decimals

  • And more!

Comments. . .

"We use this quick reference all the time. Thank you!"       Sharla, Quilted Works

"THANK YOU for your little pamphlet 'Math for Quilters, A Quick Reference.' I have used it often — calculating sizes for drawings of charity bed-size quilts I'm doing for the Healing Journeys gatherings, for my second AnglePlay book which went to C & T in May, and other 'miscellaneous times' as well! . . . I'll be keeping your pamphlet within easy reach for years to come."       Margaret M.

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Math for Quilters

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