Support Local Quilt Shops

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Support Local Quilt Shops

Quilt shops are the cornerstones of the sewing and quilting community. They provide gathering spaces for classes and a welcoming environment to get the creative juices flowing. They’re great places to become inspired, to learn new skills, or to find just the right tools needed to unlock your potential.

How can you support your local quilt shop?

Try taking a class!

Not only will you learn something new or polish up on something you’re a little rusty with, you’ll get connected to other people with the same interests. Maybe your quilt shop doesn’t offer that many classes, but it’s possible you could teach one if you’re skilled enough or feel able; you might just have to ask! Classes are a great way to bring people through the doors.

Show up and see what's new!

Take some time to see what kinds of new fabrics they’ve brought in. Stores do their best to know their customers and they want to bring in fabric and notions that their customers will love and buy.

Being present and shopping locally improves what they have to offer.

Utilize their knowledge!

Quilt shop owners spend all day surrounded by color and creativity, and they’re pretty great at knowing which fabrics will pair well together. If you’re not comfortable choosing fabrics for a particular project, most would love to give you their opinion.

And fabric aside, they’ll probably be able to help you with any questions regarding your sewing machine or new techniques. They want you to be successful.

Take the time to vote!

ByAnnie’s annual Local Quilt Shop Contest is a great way to share your thoughts about your favorite quilt shop, and in so doing, help them win some great prizes. In 2020, prizes include a ByAnnie Trunk Show, credit to FreeSpirit and a selection of Schmetz needles and Grabbit tools.

Not only might your shop win, but they will also get an email with all of your nice comments.

A special thanks!

We want to thank everyone who chooses to shop locally. People like you keep the sewing community thriving in a time when it’s easier and more convenient to bypass personal relationships and shop online.

Let us know in the comments what you love most about your local quilt shop, and don’t forget to vote for them in our yearly local quilt shop contest!

Where can I find my local quilt shop?

Check out NeedleTravel, a great resource for finding local quilt shops near you.

VOTE in the ByAnnie Local Quilt Shop Contest, which runs the 4th Saturday in January through the end of February! Learn more HERE.

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