The perfect travel companion, Switchback is carry-on compliant and sure to turn heads wherever you go.

This bundle has sufficient supplies to complete the project.

The bundle includes:

  • ByAnnie's Soft and Stable, 36" x 58" (black or white)
  • 30" Double-Slide Handbag Zipper (available in 48 colors*)
  • 24" Single-Slide Handbag Zipper (available in 48 colors*)
  • Fold-Over Elastic, 2 yards (available in 14 colors)
  • 1" Hardware Set for adjustable straps (available in antique brass, black metal, or nickel):
    • 1" Rectangle Rings, two
    • 1" Sliders, two
  • 1" Hardware Set for flap closure, strap attachment, and accessory straps (available in antique brass, black metal, or nickel):
    • 1" D-rings, five
    • 1" Swivel Hooks, two
  • 1" Polypro Strapping, 3 yards (black or white),
  • Fusible Interfacing (Pellon Shape-Flex 101), 36" x 20"


    *See Zipper Color Card for available color options. You can pick just the right colors for your project!

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    Switchback Bundle

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