Travel Handmade Projects - Brewer brings you a monthly pattern series based on the theme Travel Handmade.

From tags to bags, you and your customers will get great ideas for projects and classes plus tips for using ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable, zippers, hardware, mesh, and vinyl.

Not only will you make useful projects for travel, but you’ll learn useful skills and techniques to increase your sewing skill repertoire.

Learn how to quilt with Soft and Stable®, make your own bias binding, create zippers of any length by adding zipper pulls to zipper tape, cover strapping with fabric to make sturdy straps that coordinate with your projects, sew with vinyl, make mesh pockets, and so much more!

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All Bottled Up

Month 1


Learn the basics of bag making as you make these handy and practical zippered bags.

Be sure to start your project with the right foundation:  ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable® will add support and stability to the bag. Soft and Stable is not quilted in this bag, but you’ll love the body and stability that it provides — even without quilting.

Discover how easy it is to add a handbag zipper to your project.

Learn to use mesh in your bags for beautiful, stretchy pockets, and discover the benefits of using fold-over elastic to finish edges.

Learn about tools that make sewing so much easier: rotary cutters, rulers, proper machine feet, bias tape makers (for zipper pulls), turning tools, stilettos, pressing tools, chalk markers, and more!

All Bottled Up is perfect to protect essential oils or nail polish in bottles from 5 to 15 ml and up to 3½” tall. Additional space down the middle can be used for more bottles or other supplies.

Instructions for three different sizes are included in this pattern: small (with mesh dividers for 6 bottles), medium (10 bottles), 14 (bottles).


Laptop Computer Carriers 2.0

Month 2


Every laptop computer needs a computer bag (and these bags are awesome even if you don’t have a computer to carry).

Because we’re at the beginning of our bag-making adventure, we’ll focus this class on the simpler project in the pattern, the Laptop Case.

The 12” H x 14”W x 2” D Laptop Case has a zippered closure at top with padded handles to make it easy to carry. An outside zippered pocket made from quilted fabric and an inner zippered mesh pocket keep things organized. 

In the course of making this simple case you will learn several skills:

  • Quilt fabric with Soft and Stable® as the stabilizer
  • Make and attach a border
  • Make padded handles
  • Install a double-slide zipper in the top of a bag
  • Use one double-slide zipper to make two single-slide zippers
  • Work with mesh and attach a zipper to a mesh pocket
  • Tricks for sewing around curved edges
  • Make and attach bias binding


Jet Set 2.0

Month 3


You’ll love this handy case whenever you travel. Annie considers it one of her most treasured traveling companions!

Continue to practice quilting fabric with Soft and Stable®, installing zippers, making a padded handle, and making bias binding.

We’ll mix it up a bit by installing an outer zipper, padded handle, and hardware for an adjustable strap between differently sized zipper strips.

Learn to make a sturdy strap that coordinates perfectly with your project and how to make the strap detachable and adjustable by adding hardware.

Get more practice at installing zippers in quilted fabric and in mesh. Add a slip pocket to the outside of the bag and learn to sew divisions to make sections in a pocket.

Finally, discover the secrets to sewing and binding curved edges as you join the front, back, and sides of the case.


Double Zip Gear Bag

Month 4


Perfect for toiletries, electronic gear, toys, and more, this handy bag will keep you well-groomed and organized. Simple yet functional, it’s got room for all your essentials but is still compact enough to fit in a bag or suitcase.

You have learned several of the skills needed to make this bag: quilting with Soft and Stable®, installing zippers in quilted fabric pockets, making straps, and rounding corners.

In this class you’ll learn a new way to install the zipper to make the opening of the bag nice and wide.

In addition to making a zippered mesh pocket, you’ll also make slip pockets from mesh. Discover some simple tips for attaching hook-and-loop fastener.

Learn how to attach pockets and assemble a bag when the body of the bag is one piece instead of a front, back and sides.

Finally, master attaching ends to the body piece and learn secrets for beautiful bindings.


Backseat Babysitter

Month 5


Keep passengers occupied and the car clutter free!

Featuring over a dozen compartments of various sizes, this handy clutter buster easily straps to the back of an automobile seat and holds and organizes toys and tech gadgets for passengers of all ages.

As you make the organizer, you will continue to improve and build upon your skills and learn some new tricks:

  • Working with vinyl
  • Installing zippers in vinyl pockets
  • Making and attaching stabilized straps with a variety of hardware
  • Making dimensional, insulated pockets
  • Binding edges of mesh pockets with fold-over elastic
  • Binding edges with straight-grain binding and bias binding

Whether your goal is a cleaner backseat or fuss-free stroller journeys, this handy organizer helps tame that overwhelming clutter.


Back At Ya 2.0

Month 6


The perfect size for a small purse or for a child’s school backpack, this bag is packed with pockets:

  • Full zippered pocket on the back
  • Zippered pocket of fabric or mesh inside the bag
  • Two interior slip pockets for cell phone, keys, glasses, and more
  • An outer front slip pocket hides even more pockets for IDs, credit cards, library and loyalty cards, room keys, and more

You will master several new skills in this class:

  • Attach invisible magnets to close the flap on the outer pocket
  • Make staggered slip pockets to hold credit cards
  • Install rectangle rings and sliders to make attached, adjustable straps
  • Understand the importance of completing the pattern steps in the proper order
  • Adjust the shape of the front, back, and sides of the bag for a less boxy appearance.


Travel Essentials

Month 7


Carry your travel essentials in style with this handy set.

In this class, we’ll concentrate on making the Cosmetics Organizer.

Continue to perfect your skills of quilting fabric with ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable®, attaching zippers, sewing with mesh and vinyl, and binding edges.

Then add some new skills:

  • Learn to put a zipper into a curved pocket. It looks much more intimidating than it is!
  • Make hardware tabs that allow the hardware closures to accommodate expansion and contraction.
  • Discover ways to strengthen handles and straps.
  • Use stabilized facings to cover raw edges of pockets as well as to make folding and closing the bag easier.

These projects make great gifts! Can you think of someone who would love this set?


Zip It Up!

Month 8


These streamlined zippered organizers feature an outer quilted pocket plus inner pockets made from mesh and vinyl for easy visibility of contents.

Each pocket has a zipper closure — no need to worry about things falling out!

This fun little project offers the perfect chance to review much of what you’ve learned so far:

  • Quilting fabric with ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable®
  • Binding with straight-grain and bias bindings
  • Sewing with mesh and vinyl
  • Rounding corners
  • Attaching project pieces in the proper order

But the focus of this project is zippers, so in this class you’ll review and expand your horizons by attaching zippers using four different methods:

  • Attaching a zipper to a quilted fabric pocket
  • Attaching a zipper to a vinyl pocket
  • Attaching a zipper to a mesh pocket with bound edges
  • NEW! Attaching a zipper to the outside, curved edges of a bag enabling the bag to lie flat when open

You'll be a zipper expert when you finish making these practical, useful bags.


Get Out of Town Duffle 2.0

Month 9


Your set of travel bags is almost complete! In this month’s project we’ll add that must-have travel necessity —an overnight bag.

Functional yet stylish, this sturdy duffle bag carries everything you need for a weekend trip — and easily fits in the overhead bin or under the forward seat.

Get Out of Town 2.0 may look intimidating because of its size but don’t be deterred. You’ve already learned all the skills you need to make this bag.

Refine your bag-making skills with these expanded techniques:

  • Make a double slip/zip pocket for the front of the bag.
  • Skip the zipper/side strips that we’ve used in most of the previous projects and attach the top zipper right to the body of the bag!
  • Discover tricks for making sure things are centered and evenly spaced.
  • Master joining the ends of binding as you make a comfy shoulder pad for the carrying strap.


Pack It In!

Month 10


These packing cases offer the ultimate in organized, streamlined packing and are an essential for any traveler.

In this class, you’ll learn to make a mesh “window” for visibility and ventilation of contents and discover more secrets for working with mesh.

Continue to perfect your binding skills — this time everything is going to be visible on the outside of the case. You can do it! You've had lots of practice.

Be prepared — your sewing skills are about to go to the next level!


Going Place Garment Bag

Month 11


This stylish and sturdy quilted bag features a full front zipper opening with a top opening for hanger extension. The spacious interior compartment fits several garments. A vinyl window on back makes the contents visible without opening the bag. Mesh and quilted pockets organize accessories and two adjustable, detachable straps make traveling a breeze.

You will enhance and expand on your skills as you make this spacious travel bag:

  • Quilting large pieces
  • Adding borders
  • Making divided pockets using mesh
  • Making and attaching a vinyl window
  • Adding extra pulls to a zipper and working with Zippers by the Yard
  • Shaping the shape of the bag to fit a hanger
  • Adding adjustable, detachable straps using yet another technique


Ultimate Travel Bag

Month 12


For the final project in this year-long project series, we’ll tackle the ultimate travel bag!

You’ll perfect the skills you learned throughout the year and continue to add new skills:

  • Attach buttons to the bottom of the bag to reduce wear.
  • Add a back strap to secure the bag to rolling luggage.
  • Discover a hack to the pattern to make the side pockets more usable.

As you work, consider everything you’ve learned over the course of the program:

  • The importance of using quality products, from ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable® to stabilize the bag to handbag zippers for sturdy, long-lasting closures
  • Several easy methods for installing zippers
  • Techniques for making functional pockets in a variety of styles from a variety of fabrics, mesh, and vinyl
  • An easy method to make and attach bias binding that coordinates with your project and gives your project that “Cadillac” finish


Congratulations! You’ve made it through the year and produced a lovely set of functional travel accessories. It’s time to hit the road!