Make Quick Zip Cases

Quick and easy to make, these handy little zippered cases are perfect to store and carry quilting supplies, art supplies, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and  lots more.

The small case is perfect for rotary cutters, chalk markers, scissors, and more.

The long case is sized to carry longer items such as tube turning tools and bodkins.

SMALL: 2½"H x 2½"W x 8½"D

LARGE: 2¾"H x 2¾"W x 10½"D

Click here to find the pattern.

We recommend watching the videos in this order: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Quilting the Fabric
  3. Zippers
  4. Handles and Tabs
  5. Binding Edges and Finishing 


Quick Zip Cases: Introduction

Quick Zip Cases: Quilting the Fabric

Quick Zip Cases: Zippers

Quick Zip Cases: Handles and Tabs

Quick Zip Cases: Binding and Finishing