Add-on Videos

Available for a select number of patterns.

Add-on Videos™ support specific parts of our ByAnnie patterns and help you learn our best techniques. They don't replace your pattern -- they enhance your sewing experience.

Join the fun and let ByAnnie become your sewing partner.

Note: If you are buying the paper version of a pattern that has an Add-on Video™, you are likely to get a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video™. You can verify this by reviewing description of the pattern you are buying. If the description indicates that a coupon is included, we recommend waiting until your pattern arrives by mail and then coming back to the website to purchase your Add-on Video™.

If you are buying a PDF version (only available on limited number of patterns) or if you bought your pattern prior to the introduction of Add-on Videos, you will need to purchase the Add-on Video™.

Video and digital content is only available when logged in and connected to the internet. It is not available on CD or DVD.

Back At Ya 2.1 Add-on Video
Bosom Buddy Add-on Video
Bowl Me Over 2.0 Add-on Video
Call Me Add-on Video
Clam Up! - Add-on Video
Easy Does It - Add-on Video
Face Mask - Add-on Video
Flipping Out - Add-On Video
Glo and Go - Add-on Video
Got Your Back 2.1 Add-on Video
Handle It - Add-on Video
Hang In There - Add-on Video
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