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February 13, 2019 by
Moni Nyborg

We've had a great time putting together some of our latest patterns using this exciting new fabric by Christa Watson for Benartex! Christa told us she was inspired by her love for gardens. Christa prefers abstract, geometric designs to realism, but she wanted her new line to evoke things you might find in a “real” garden, such as Raised Beds, Trellis, Blooming Roses, Picket Fences, Tracks, and Seeds.

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There are twenty different prints in this collection, divided roughly into color groupings of red/pink, yellow/orange, blue/purple, and teal green.

It includes a total of six different prints with a few lighter hues to give a bit of sparkle to any quilt or fabric project you’d like to make!

Clam Up

Easy and fun to make, these bags in five sizes are perfect for storing and carrying make-up, sewing supplies, tech gear, and more!

With only a few fat quarters of Abstract Garden, we were able to create a fun rainbow set of bags that are really playful and unique.

Contain Yourself

These soft-sided fabric bins were designed to help you stay organized while being a great decoration piece as well.

On the largest bin we loved using Abstract Garden's “Raised Beds” because of it's large scale print. We thought this worked well for a home decor piece and really loved the contrast of the “Seeds” pattern on the lining and handles.

Hang In There

If you're looking for a way to organize your room while saving space, these Hang In There caddies are just what you need. 

You can tuck them neatly between the mattress and box spring or hang over the arm or back of a sofa or chair as a tidy way to keep tablets, remote controls, books, water bottles, and so much more!

Since all of the different colors and prints in Abstract Garden go so well with each other, you'll have a great time mixing and matching them to create some unique and custom looks.

Hint: Abstract Garden also goes well with Christa's previous fabric lines, Fandangle and Modern Marks, so you'll have even more great combos!

Fold-Over Elastic

If you're looking for just the right accents to complete your projects made with Abstract Garden, ByAnnie's fold-over elastic provides a great decorative finish to apparels, crafts, bags, and more!

Our fourteen vibrant colors are a perfect fit with this bold and exciting line.

Lightweight Mesh Fabric

We also love how our lightweight mesh fabric* compliments Abstract Garden! Take a look at how great the colors looks with the different prints.

Whether you're looking for high contrast or the perfect match, you'll end up with a professional looking project that is sure to turn heads!

*Also available in fourteen colors.

ByAnnie's Handbag Zippers

ByAnnie also has a wide range of handbag zippers that look fantastic with this line! We have single slide 24" zippers, 30" and 40" double-slide zippers, and 144" zippers-by-the-yard that come with 16 extra zipper pulls. To make things really simple for you, we've put together a list of the colors that look best with Abstract Garden:

For a full list of zipper colors, be sure to look at our zipper color card.

  • Atom Red #260
  • Apple Green #200
  • Blastoff Blue #215
  • Dandelion #195
  • Jewel Green #203 (Not available in Zippers by the Yard)
  • Papaya #290
  • Raspberry #252
  • Tahiti #245
  • Tangerine #285

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