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December 2022 Photo Contest Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of December's Photo Contest! To learn more about what it takes to win, be sure to check out our blog on the contest details. If you’d like to submit to the next monthly photo contest, VISIT THIS PAGE to submit your photos. Want to see the rules and submission guidelines? VISIT THIS PAGE. If you want to see all photo submissions, visit our Customer Photo Gallery. You can also search through all of the Winning Submissions here. Let’s see the winners!
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December 2022 Photo Contest Winners
Casey Unrein

ByAnnie Top Voted 

WINNER: Stacey D @stacey_pnw_quilter

ABOUT: This Round Trip Duffle and A Place For Everything are ready to travel.

THEIR STORY: “Once per year I embark on a 24 hour road trip from Washington state to Arizona the week after Thanksgiving. I really wanted new bags for the trip this year. I had been wanting to make these two projects for quite some time but couldn’t find my motivation. I had a long weekend off from work over Thanksgiving and told my best friend I planned to make both bags over 4 days. She was adamant I would not get them finished in time. Challenge accepted!!"

WHAT WE LOVED: Our team member Jacque had this to say, "This is a great picture that highlights the bags wonderfully. Love the bright colors!"

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on


Storyteller Award

WINNER: Victoria R @ISewDesireQuilts

ABOUT: A repurposed military uniform makes a greatDouble Zip Gear Bag.

THEIR STORY: "We are a military family. My Grandfather was in the Army. my Dad was retired Navy, my husband and I retired from the USAF, our daughter and her husband are in the USAF. I have made several By Annie bags for my daughters. This time I decided to make something for my Son In Law. The Double Zip Gear Bag is perfect for him. Our daughter sent me and old flight suit of his and a BDU shirt she wore while deployed to IRAQ. I combined the two fabrics to make the DZGB. I used By Annie zippers for the double zip and an outside pocket. I couldn’t leave all those zippers from his flight suit unused, so I incorporated them with additional pockets. The name tags are from his uniform. I used Velcro from the flight suit to add ways to attach more patches. I quilted the fabric on my LongArm using Black Soft and Stable. This is definitely a labor of LOVE. I find it ironic that the most challenging part of the pattern is the binding. Its’s on the INSIDE and no one will ever see it but him and me! Great instructions made this special gift possible! "

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on

Quilt Shop Highlight 

WINNER: LappeLiseS Quiltestue

THEIR STORY: "It is the first time I sew from your pattern. It was a joy to follow. Did some small mistake, but in the end you can't se it. If I should sew it again I would not quilt lines. The lines on the pocket in the front do not match up. "

WHERE IS THEIR SHOP: St Hansåsvegen 5, 3922 PORSGRUNN, Norway

WHAT THEY WON: $50 coupon to use on


Instagram: @lappelises_quiltestue




Honorable Mention 

WINNER: Kim G @kemryb22

ABOUT: Fashion meets Easy Does it.

THEIR STORY: "I have a sister who texts me photos of purses, usually with no message, just a random photo. It’s usually from one website, or another, but she has sent, on the rare occasion, a photo of a person carrying a bag she likes! Anywho, this sparkly little number is for my niece, her daughter, from, yep, you guessed it, a photo my sister sent of a purse…that looks JUST like this one. Dang, I’m good! Anywho, this beauty is a very simply modified Easy Does It: handles were replaced with tabs w/d-rings and the attached strap, and the zipper strip loop was reduced to 2.5 finished. Et voila! A nice little number for a night on the town."

WHAT WE LOVED: Our team member Makenley had this to say, "The fabric choices were unlick any others!"

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on 


Honorable Mention

WINNER: Janean W @janean.wedeking

ABOUT: Getting the kids Out and About.

THEIR STORY: "Out and About Bags in the wild... Historically I am a garment sewer. My 2 daughters, when they see me sewing, have asked me to make something for them. When we could not find the best bag for events such as dance or church so I went on a quest to find the perfect pattern for them and found the Out and About Bag by By Annie patterns. I bought all the materials, Nutcracker Themed (as their dance studio performs the nutcracker each year as has become a family tradition) for a Christmas gift 2021. Like a lot of projects, as a mom of 3 and a full time working mom, my projects get put on the back burner. Coupled with struggles with mental health I was unable to get them finished for 2021. However, through treatment and my love for sewing coming back I delved into my first quilting, bag, and By Annie pattern! I got them done! The girls are so grateful, love them dearly, and use them for everything (church, dance, trips etc). They keep all of life's necessities in them like unicorns, activities, and water bottles :). Not to mention I am HOOKED on By Annie patterns. I appreciate the clever designs, construction methods, videos to go along, and detailed instructions. I also like that, unlike garment sewing, fit is not a major challenge, and once done you have a useable and functional item! I already have plans for hand made gifts for the 2023 year and a new backpack for my eldest daughter's birthday (Everyday Everyway Bag). It would be incredible if the Out and About bag also came in a larger school backpack version... I would make that too as it has so much storage and we like that the compartments can open and lye flat! Thank you for everything, this has been instrumental in getting back into my sewing passion and building mastery!"

WHAT WE LOVED: Casey said "I always love seeing our projects in use and the unicorn fit so perfect."

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on


Honorable Mention 


ABOUT: Amazing creative solution using mesh on this Hold Everything.

THEIR STORY: “I wanted to make myself a Hold Everything, as a travel sewing kit. I pulled a fat quarter from my stash but needed to fussy cut the figures to get one each on the front and back of the bag. Fussy cutting gave me a seam on the spine of the bag which I thought needed some camouflage. ByAnnie Mesh Fabric to the rescue! I had the apple green in my stash and I thought it gave an undersea look to the merpeople. I shaped the mesh as seaweed, clipped and pinned it in place. Then I sewed along the edge to secure it to the fabric. The points of some of the seaweed puckered and I had to pull them out and re-tack. I sandwiched the main fabric to the soft and stable and lining and then I quilted. I free hand quilted, again in a seaweed type of shape, but I didn't adhere to the mesh lines, just winged it. There is a good possibility that the mesh will curl up on the edges, but I figure that will just look even more like seaweed! Cut, curved edges, zippered, and bound. The photos illustrate the steps. "

WHAT WE LOVED: Annie had this to say, "I love how she used the mesh to embellish the outside of the bag and cover up a seam. Very very creative!"

WHAT THEY WON: $15 coupon to use on 


A special "thank you" to everyone who submitted to this photo contest. We had a wonderful time viewing submissions and reading your stories. We look forward to sharing as many of them as possible on our social media.

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