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April 12, 2024 by
Casey Unrein

Fast, functional, and easy to make, Call Me is a convenient name tag/cell phone holder that proves a perfect companion to quilt shows, guild meetings, conventions, and more.

Keep everything handy in this lightweight bag. It's perfect for conferences and shows, for workers who must carry an ID card, or just for running around town.

Use the vinyl pocket on front to hold a name tag or ID card . . . or just a shopping list. Carry credit cards or cash in the zippered fabric pocket. Tuck a cell phone into the mesh pocket on the back for easy access.

The finished bag measures: 7¼”H x 4¾”W

We can’t wait to see how you sew it!

More than meets the eye.

This name tag/cell phone holder was made with quilting conventions in mind. When we attend shows, it’s helpful to have something to hold our name tags as we walk around.

To make it a little more versatile, we included a mesh pocket on the back to hold a cellphone and a little zip pocket on the front that’s perfect for holding cash or cards.

But, how else could you use it?

  • Grocery shopping
  • Running errands around town
  • Storing business cards
  • Sewing classes
  • Teaching

Think of any other ways you could use Call Me? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom of this post!

Wear it how you want it.

Call Me hangs on a fabric strap that can be customized to wear around the neck, over the shoulder, cross-body, or attach to a belt. Shorten the strap considerably to simply store it in your purse as a loose pocket.

The length of this strap is determined when binding the edges. The strap has a slight amount of stretch, thanks to being made with bias binding and is easy to customize.

Not sure how long you want it? Make it longer than you need and simply tie it off to adjust the length while you’re wearing it.

Practical pockets.

This pattern calls for three simple pockets.

And if you're nervous to sew with our mesh, zippers, or fold-over elastic, we linked a couple tutorials near the bottom of this blog post. It's easier than you think!

The vinyl pocket was intended for a name tag. If you don’t want it to be see-through, simply substitute fabric, or something else, for the vinyl.

The mesh pocket is lined with fold-over elastic and provides a secure, slightly stretchy place to hold a cell-phone. You could also carry a wallet or checkbook here, coupons, or receipts.

The zippered pocket is a good place to hold a bit of cash, a gift card, hotel key, loose coins, lip balm, or a few sticks of gum. It’s small, but useful!

Make way for the stash-buster supreme.

Did someone order ‘spring-cleaning?’ We did! This small project is a great way to use up bits and pieces of left-over Soft and Stable, mesh, or fabrics from your stash.

If you have left-over zipper tape, just order a single zipper pull to make use of it. Why throw it away when you can recycle it into a new project!

The same goes for starting other larger projects. If you have to order a full packet of mesh or a roll of vinyl to complete your larger project, rest-assured you can use what’s left over to make a Call Me or two.

Call Me is a great way to play with that fabric you’ve been saving, on a smaller scale. Make a matching one for your friend so you can attend that next quilting convention in style! Experiment with an unusual color of mesh or zipper, to spice it up.

Sew with Annie.

Although small, this pattern packs a punch when it comes to learning new techniques. When you make this bag and watch the Add-on Video, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quilt fabric with Soft and Stable
  • Attach a zipper to a quilted fabric pocket and bind the upper edge of the zipper (a process used in almost all our patterns that have pockets)
  • Work with vinyl and mesh
  • Use fold-over elastic to bind a mesh pocket
  • Make custom bias binding
  • Assemble a simple project with multiple pockets
  • Bind raw edges and use the binding to create a strap

Even if you already know how to achieve these techniques, it’s a great resource for teaching a beginning sewist or for brushing up on your skills.

What you need to succeed.

Call Me asks for a variety of supplies, but many of them you may already have as leftovers from previous projects. If not, this pattern provides a low-cost way to experiment with colors and products you wouldn’t normally use.

This patterns calls for:

For specifics, find Call Me on our website and click on the supply list tab!

The more the merrier.

Call Me is a downloadable PDF pattern, but is also available in a pack of 25, high-quality, full-color prints.

Why might you be interested in our 25 packs?

  • You’re a store who wants to put together easy grab-and-go kits
  • You’re teaching a sewing class
  • Work with vinyl and mesh
  • You want to give them as gifts to your friends
  • They make great door prizes or giveaways at events
  • Your guild wants to sew a number of them, together

The 25 pack contains twenty-five individual Call Me patterns printed on glossy letter stock.

Patterns that offer 25 packs are:

In conclusion.

Call Me is a fast, easy, and functional sewing pattern that provides a great way to bust that stash, recycle supplies from past projects, and learn new techniques. Show off your sense of style when you wear this cute name tag/cellphone holder to your next convention, class, or guild meeting.

If you’re looking for great tutorials to help with this pattern, check out:

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