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April 12, 2024 by
Casey Unrein
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We are excited to introduce our innovative new satchel pattern, Switchback! This incredible bag is both fashionable and functional with its many pockets and its versatile carrying options. Learn more about this bag in the An Introduction video below and find out what you need to make this bag in our A Closer Look video HERE.

About the pattern!

This purse-pack hybrid is not only fun to sew but will result in a bag you’ll love showing off to your friends.

The bag features:

  • Fabric-covered straps that can easily switch between a crossbody/over-the-shoulder carry and a double-strap backpack-style carrying option.
  • A zippered pocket on the front to securely store items that you want close at hand.
  • A slip pocket for easy access to any item that you need to get to quickly.
  • A full-height zippered pocket and a gathered fabric pocket inside the roomy interior.
  • Two accessory straps that give the satchel its shape and can also be used to connect key chains, fobs, or a coin purse.
  • A shape and style that is gender-neutral depending on the fabrics you choose.
  • The opportunity to mix and match your favorite fabrics using the fun color-block fabric design on the front and back of the bag.


More on those straps!

Not sure how you want to carry your bag? Then the Switchback is for you! We love being able to change our minds at a moment’s notice.

Our straps are made by covering our polypro strapping with fabric that complements the colors and fabrics we chose for our bag.

We designed the straps in this pattern to make it easy to change the strap configuration from a purse-style carry to a backpack-style carry. The pad on the strap is stationary and acts as a way to make sure the backpack straps are even on both sides when in that position.

You can learn how to attach the straps in the "Assemble Straps" portion of the Add-on Videos. Wait to purchase your Add-on Video until you’ve received the physical pattern in the mail. Your pattern will come with a unique coupon code which can be applied toward your Add-on Video purchase.

Can a beginner sew this bag?

Short answeryes, a beginner can sew this bag.

Long answer: If you’re new to ByAnnie patterns, we recommend you sew the four projects in our ByAnnie Basics series and watch the Add-on Video before starting this project.

Switchback is full of features and is a great skill builder. It uses a lot of different techniques, but none of them are hard. Just set aside some time and enjoy the process!

Techniques in this bag are:

  • Quilting fabric to Soft and Stable
  • Making four styles of pockets
  • Installing zippers in three ways
  • Creating fabric-covered straps
  • Assembling a 3-dimensional bag

Fun with fabric!

One unique aspect of Switchback is the fabric color-block option. This is a great opportunity to mix and match your favorite fabrics on the front and back of the bag. If you’re looking for something more uniform, you can choose the same fabrics for the color-block squares. You can see the difference between the color-block options with the images below. Choose whatever style speaks to you!

What you'll need.

Ready to get started? It’s time to gather your supplies! You can find the Supply List with all of its size and amount specifications on the back of the pattern. Or, click on the "Supply List" tab when you're viewing the pattern on our website.

To save time and money, you could also opt to purchase a Bundle! Bundles come with all the supplies you'll need to make a project, excluding the pattern, thread, or fabric.

To make these gear bags, you’ll need:

Products we recommend having on hand:

Sew with Annie.

As with all of our new patterns, we’ve filmed a helpful video for Switchback that will ease you through the more unique aspects of this pattern.

The Add-on Video class™ tutorial will provide you with additional support in the following videos for Switchback:

  • Introduction to Switchback
  • Overview of the Project
  • Attach Zipper to Back Zipper Strip
  • Create Zipper Opening
  • Attach Pocket B/C
  • Assemble Strap

A coupon for your Add-on Video will arrive with your physical pattern. Use that code at checkout to receive the video at no cost. You can access the video when you log in to your Digital Library!

You will enjoy sewing along with Annie as you work on this project. You can access any Add-on Video you have purchased inside your “Digital Library” when you’re logged in, so you can watch and rewind as much as is necessary! 

Additional resources.

Intimidated by zippers?


Not feeling 100% about sewing with mesh or fold-over elastic?


New to ByAnnie patterns?


Frustrated with binding?

Watch the EASY DOES IT Add-on VIDEO

Find more tutorials and resources in our “Digital Library!” Don’t forget to log in!

Let us know in the comments how you can imagine using a Switchback and which size excites you the most!

Before purchasing the pattern on our website, support your local quilt shop to see if they are carrying this pattern in stock! While you’re at it, ask if they’re planning any Switchback classes in the future, there’s nothing quite like sewing with friends.

For more inspiration, be sure to join our email list and follow us on social media! We’re @PatternsByAnnie on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. We also have a fantastic Youtube channel where you can watch our recorded live streams and find project ideas. Submit your ByAnnie project photos to our Monthly Photo Contest for a chance to win a $50 ByAnnie coupon!

----Happy Stitching

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