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April 11, 2024 by
Casey Unrein

Under Cover is the sewing machine cover you've been asking for. How fun is it to protect your machine with its own quilt! The pattern has instructions for three common different sizes, as well as a way to size your own machine and make adjustments as needed. To see more of what Annie has to say about the Under Cover, watch our Closer Look video!

What to expect with Under Cover

With Under Cover, you can protect your cherished machines from dust and grime with its own quilted cover!

The pattern includes instructions for:

  • 3 sizes, and how to adjust those sizes for your machine
  • 2 different slip pocket options on back
  • 1 mesh pocket, perfect for holding a pedal or cords
  • 1 zip pocket on front
  • 1 zip pocket on the side
  • Magnetic flap opening on top for easy access to machine handle



Size matters!

It's so important that your cover fits your machine! When we wrote the pattern, we included a small, medium, and large in the instructions, with specific BERNINA machines in mind.

Don't have a BERNINA or similar-sized machine? Have no fear! We also included instructions for how to measure your machine and make adjustments to those sizes as needed. Your machine will fit inside Under Cover as snug as a bug in a rug.

Specific sizes included in the pattern:

  • SMALL: Fits machines measuring 12½"H x 15½"W x 6½"D (such as most current BERNINA 3 series machines)
  • MEDIUM: Fits machines measuring 13"H x 17¾"W x 8"D (such as most current BERNINA 5 Series machines)
  • LARGE: Fits machines measuring 14½"H x 20½"W x 8"D (such as most current BERNINA 7 Series machines)

All about the pockets

We love pockets! We included pockets to house all of your sewing machine parts in this cover, and they're worth talking about.

The front pocket is located about the border on the front of the machine cover. This pocket goes to the very bottom binding and is great for storing manuals, rulers, or other flat items you want to tuck away.

The back slip pocket has two different options in terms of position. The opening can run horizontally (across the top, on the backside) or vertically (down the side, on the backside), depending how you want to use it. This pocket is great for inserting a sewing machine table extension, larger rulers, a small mat, or a knee lifter

The side mesh pocket is the perfect size for a foot pedal. The gentle stretch of the mesh and fold-over elastic will snugly hold the foot pedal and its cord. You could also use it to hold a few cones of thread or a container for your sewing machine feet.

The side zip pocket is great for slipping in smaller tools and thread.

Magnetic attraction


To allow you easy access to your machine when you want to move it from Point A to Point B, the top of Under Cover has magnetic flaps that easily open. This gives you access to the handle of your machine, and prevents you from needing to remove the cover just to move your sewing machine around.

Our magnets are available in two pairs on our website. Follow the pattern instructions for sewing them on closely. Each magnet has a small mark to distinguish the positive and negative side during installation.

What do I need to start?

To start with, you'll need your pattern! The other supplies necessary to sew this project are:

Sew with Annie!


There is an Add-on Video for this pattern. If you've ordered your pattern and gotten it in the mail, there will be a code that you can use to purchase the associated Add-on Video at no charge. This video is a great way to supplement your sewing experience! Sew with Annie as she walks you through the more difficult parts of the pattern. The video covers these topics:

  • Overview of the project
  • Measuring your machine and making adjustments as needed to fit your particular machine.
  • Preparing the back and front flaps
  • Preparing the side strip

When you purchase this Add-on Video, you'll have access to it in your Digital Library. If you can't find it after purchase or later when you start to sew, that's most likely where it's hiding!

A little extra help

We have free tutorials to help you with attaching zippers or working with mesh.

In conclusion

Thanks for reading our blog on Under Cover! Don't forget to submit your photos to our Photo Contest. We can't wait to see what you sew!

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