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Corrections: Bowl Me Over! (PBA249)

Bowl Me Over! (PBA249)

January 14, 2016

On patterns dated before 011416 (see date in middle at bottom of each page), please make this correction:

​Page 8:

​The label for the Bias Binding cut from the Contrasting Fabric should read 18½" x 18½" (not 16½" x 16½"). Cutting Instructions on Page 2 are correct.

​The larger square enables you to cut 2½" binding strips rather than 2¼" binding strips.

​If you have already cut a 16½" square and have no more fabric to cut another bias strip, cut one 2" bias strip and four 2¼" strips (rather than four 2½" strips as directed in the pattern). It will be a bit more of a challenge to bind the edges, but is certainly doable.

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