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Corrections: Daytripper II Crossbody Case (PBA241-2)

Daytripper II Crossbody Case (PBA241-2)

June 05, 2020

On patterns dated before 060520 (see date in middle at bottom of each page), please make these corrections:

​Page 1:

​The sizes for the stabilizer pieces to be cut from Soft and Stable for pieces Outer Pocket A1 and A2 have been reversed. They should read:

​Stabilizer for Outer Pocket A1— 13” x 4”

​Stabilizer for Outer Pocket A2— 13” x 10”

​Page 4, Step D-2-b:

​Please change the text of the first sentence to read:

​b. Flatten case on table and cut a rectangle out of each side of the bottom of the case (not lining). . .

​Page 5:

​Please correct the labels for the pieces cut from Soft and Stabilizer for Pocket A:

​The one measuring 13" x 4" is for Outer Pocket A1.

​The one measuring 13" x 10" is for Outer Pocket A2.

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