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Corrections: Ruler Wrap (PBA270)

Ruler Wrap (PBA270)

May 31, 2020

On patterns dated before 053120 (see date in middle at bottom of each page), please make these corrections:

​Page 8, Step IV-D-1:

​Please change the text of the second sentence to:

​The bottom, unbound edge will overlap the line marked 24½” up from the bottom (22½" down from the top) by about ½".

​Please change the text of the fourth sentence to:

​Continue sewing around the pocket in a clockwise direction, stitching across the bottom along the line marked 24½” up from the bottom (22½" down from the top) and be sure to move the zipper slide to the inside before sewing across the zipper tape on the left side (figure 13).

​Page 8,Step IV-D-2:

​Please change the text of the first sentence to:

​Align and pin/clip the prepared “short” Pocket F (mesh fabric with binding on top and bottom) between the lines marked 24½" and 19½" up from the bottom (22½" and 27½" down from the top), so that the top bound edge overlaps the bottom of Pocket E.

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