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Corrections: Time for Tea (PBA209)

Time for Tea (PBA209)

September 13, 2013

On patterns dated before 091313 (see date in middle at bottom of each page), please make these corrections:

​Please note that there is an error on the template for the Tea Cozy on Page 5. The lines drawn on the template which allow you to align the template with the pieced border are approximately ½" too low. Just disregard those lines and align the straight bottom of the template with the straight bottom of the fabric.

​Page 2:

​Mark Soft and Stable for tea cozy front:

​2. Mark a vertical line 1" (not 3/4") in from the left side between the two previously marked lines.

​Page 3:

​Teacup Coasters:

​2. Layer pieces (Soft and Stable, fabric square face up, fabric square face down) and pin to hold layers together.

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