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Corrections: Travel Essentials 2.0 (PBA201-2)

Travel Essentials (PBA201) Travel Essentials 2.0 (PBA201-2)

June 7, 2024

On Travel Essentials 2.0 patterns dated before 060724 (see date in middle at bottom of each page), please note the following correction: 

Page 13, step V-F-7 and figure 45

​Please note that the folded edge of the facing should be aligned along the line marked 10½" from the bottom.

​Figure 45 should also show that the line is marked 10½" from the bottom..  

August 02, 2022

On patterns dated before 080222 (see date in middle at bottom of each page), please make this correction:

 Please note that there should NOT be an Add-on Video bullet for step V-D on page 11. We felt that the pattern sufficiently described how to accomplish that step, so did not film an Add-on Video for that particular section. 

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