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Soft and Stable: How does Soft and Stable compare to competing brands?

The hallmark of Soft and Stable is its softly-napped lining on each side of the high-quality, resilient foam. The fabric lining clings to quilting cottons making it easy to sew and quilt. When your project is finished, the fabric continues to be attracted to the Soft and Stable, providing a smooth finish on both quilted and non-quilted projects and yielding a beautiful long-term result, even after multiple washings.

Soft and Stable's napped surfaces perform much better than other sew-in stabilizers and are a huge factor when comparing to fusible foam interfacings. Fusibles fail with use and time, leaving you with a limp project or, worse yet, a cottage cheese look.

Most customers indicate that they prefer Soft and Stable's balance between softness and sturdiness over that of other foam interfacings. They often complain that the others are either crinkly and hard or thin and flimsy or stretchy and hard to sew.

Finally, Soft and Stable is 58" wide. Some other foam interfacings are only 20" wide. This an important factor for customers not only when comparing prices, but also for efficient use of material and larger projects.