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Trunk Show Terms and Conditions


To promote our patterns and to help you sell patterns, fabrics and supplies, we offer ByAnnie Trunk Shows featuring models made using Annie’s patterns, ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable®, and our handbag zippers and hardware.

You may wish to schedule a ByAnnie Trunk Show to coincide with classes using our patterns or a special event or sale. This is a great way to introduce ByAnnie's products to your customers, and a really easy way to inspire customers and boost sales.

Please read the information below which details how ByAnnie Trunk Shows work and what is required of you. If you have any other questions, please contact us via email.


  1. SCHEDULE EARLY. Use our online form to provide us with your requested event dates. We recommend you do this at least 45 days prior to your event.
  2. TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOUR TRUNK SHOW PERIOD. We suggest planning you to be on display for thirty (30) days. This expanded time should enhance your ability to sell patterns, make and sell kits, and use the model to advertise a class based on the pattern. Be sure to advertise the trunk show and related classes in your newsletter and social media outlets as well as on signage in the store.
  3. CHOOSING MODELS. Approximately one month before your event, we will provide you with special website access a Trunk Show Models Request form to select the specific models you wish to borrow. With over 1400 models sewn, you are sure to find models that will suit your shop's style and your customers' interests.
  4. MINIMUM ORDER OF 6 PATTERNS PER MODEL BORROWED PLUS SHIPPING COSTS. There is no cost to borrow a ByAnnie Trunk Show but you must purchase at least six (6) patterns for each model that you are borrowing and pay shipping costs both ways. We will send the patterns with the trunk show, charging you for the patterns and outbound shipping when the show is shipped. We will send a request for payment at or around the time of shipping. (NOTE this requirement is waived for LQS Contest Winner prizes.)
  5. ADD-ON SALES OF RELATED PRODUCTS. Please refer to the pattern’s supply list (on our website) for each model you are borrowing. Be sure to also order any related supplies and tools that your customers will need to support the trunk show. Your sales will increase and your customers will appreciate the convenience of having everything ready to go for their project.
  6. EMAIL YOUR ORDER. Please email your order of patterns and related products to [email protected] when submitting your Trunks Show Models Request. See number 3 above for more details.
  7. CHECK THE TRUNK SHOW INVOICE CAREFULLY ON RECEIPT AND WHEN RETURNING. An invoice will be included with the shipment. Please review the list to make sure that you have received everything that you ordered. Then save the list along with all the packing materials so that you are sure to return all models borrowed. When items are received by us, we will issue a credit memo for the value of each item returned in original condition.
  8. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE. A value for each item will be shown on the trunk show’s packing list. You are responsible for the full value of any lost, stolen, or damaged models. We highly recommend that you fasten every model to a stationary object to prevent loss. We trust you to respect the time and energy spent making these models and to keep them in their best possible condition. Please do not display the trunk show in direct sunlight as it can cause fading.
  9. INSURANCE ON RETURNS. All models must be returned in original condition. When you return a show, insure the shipment for $1,000 (or the amount of the show’s stated value if less) and provide a tracking number to us. (NOTE this requirement is waived for LQS Contest Winner prizes.)
  10. RETURN ON TIME. Please return your trunk show on time so that others can enjoy their shows according to schedule. There is a $10 service fee for each day that the trunk show is late.
  11. PACK WITH CARE. Please repack the trunk show with care when returning it to us. You must return each model in its labeled bag so be sure to retain the shipping materials used to ship the trunk show to you. There will be a charge of $10/bag if models are not returned in the labeled bags. Carefully fold models as directed and place in bag. If you must replace the box that was used to send your trunk show, please be sure to use a box that is sturdy and large enough to ship the models without crushing them. Quilts should be folded with the right side in. Please place a piece of heavy cardboard over the top of everything to avoid something being cut when the box is opened.