Monthly Photo Contest Details

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Monthly Photo Contest Details

We are excited to be able to award over $150 in prizes each month with our Monthly Photo Contest, starting in March 2020! The prize money is in the form of a ByAnnie coupon that can be used on our website.

Submit your best project photos to this contest for a chance to win in one of four categories:

  • ByAnnie Top-Voted
  • Storyteller
  • Quilt Shop Highlight
  • Honorable Mention

Why have we revamped the photo contest?

The past two years we have received an average of 60 submissions a month. We realized that focusing only on photography was really limiting us. We wanted to broaden the contest, create more opportunities for people to win, and bump up the prize money. It's still monthly, and you still submit photos, so that part hasn't really changed.

In this blog, we will give you the nitty-gritty on what we’re looking for in each category, alongside tips for success.


The winner of this category has won the hearts and minds of the ByAnnie staff. Each month, our in-house staff takes turns musing through your photo submissions to choose the picture we love the most. A vote will be taken, the numbers will be tallied, and one monthly winner will stand triumphant.

Increase your odds of winning: We recommend taking the time to set your picture up for success. The image is clear, the bag is the focus of the image, the lighting is clean, the background is clear of clutter. Need tips on how to take a great photo of your project? Refer to this blog for extra photography help.

Maybe you’re not a pro-photographer, that’s okay. Sometimes it isn’t the best photo that wins the hearts and minds of the ByAnnie staff, sometimes it’s a bag full of kittens. Sometimes it’s a fabric combination that stops us in our tracks. And sometimes the bag just looks so well-made that we can’t resist voting for it.

PRIZE: $50 ByAnnie coupon to be used on


The winner of this category has told a meaningful story where they have shared their experience relating to the photo they submitted. This story could be anything from what they learned while making the project, why they chose the project, to how they plan to use their finished project. Take us on an adventure with your words!

Increase your odds of winning: You don’t have to write a novel to win this category. We aren’t judging based on grammar or fancy vocabulary. Be genuine and be real. Make us care.

PRIZE: $50 ByAnnie coupon to be used on


1-5 winners will be chosen for this category each month. We reserve this award for stand-out submissions that are as creative as they are outstanding. Show us your sewing process, submit photos of unconventional projects, tell us an exciting or bizarre sewing story. Maybe you modified your ByAnnie project so that the dimensions are different, or you used unconventional materials. The sky's the limit.

Increase your odds of winning: It isn’t all in the photo. Sometimes there’s a really good story behind what you’re showing us. Or maybe it is all in the photo. Sometimes we get really great submissions from people who want to show off their entire collection of bags they’ve sewed, or their project halfway assembled inside their sewing space. Maybe it's just unique and doesn't fit into another winning category, but we want to show it off.

PRIZE: $15 ByAnnie coupon to be used on


We love supporting local quilt shops and want them to have a place in our photo contest. We're looking for fun quilt shop photos of:

  • ByAnnie trunk shows
  • ByAnnie classes
  • ByAnnie product walls/stands/displays
  • Soft and Stable
  • Newest models

Winners in this category must have a wholesale account with us, or be willing to make one.

If you’re a customer at a local quilt shop and they have a great ByAnnie display or are teaching a ByAnnie-related class, let them know about this contest.

This category is unique in that stores who submit in one month also have a chance in winning during the following months. We like to celebrate local quilt shops year-round!

PRIZE: $50 ByAnnie coupon to be used on


Ready to submit your photos to our contest for a chance to win? It’s easy!

Head over to our contest page where you can submit your photos using our form. When you submit, you won’t be submitting into specific categories. Your photo is automatically being considered for each and every possible winning opportunity.

And if you don't win a prize, there's still a possibility we will share your photo on our social media to inspire other makers like yourself... and brag you up a little at the same time!


At the close of each contest, you can expect us to announce the winners by the 10th of the following month. Example: If you submit your photo to the March contest, the March winners will be announced by the 10th of April.

Winners will be individually contacted and given their coupon codes. Everyone subscribed to our email list will receive a newsletter highlighting the winners and directing them to a blog with more information. Winning photos will also be view-able in our Winner’s Gallery, alongside previous winners and submissions from our original contest.



  • By submitting to this contest you hereby grant permission to use your photograph(s) and information provided in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications or social media platforms, without payment or other consideration. You hereby irrevocably authorize to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute these photos for any lawful purpose. In addition, you waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein your photo(s) or information appears. You waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photo(s).  
  • Giving a good or bad review of the pattern does not influence the outcome of contest winners either way; we value your honest critique and feedback.
  • ByAnnie has sole discretion when choosing winners as based on the guidelines specified above.
  • If an image of your project wins, images of that same project cannot win a second time.  You may be eligible to win again in another month with a separate submission.  
  • This is an ongoing contest, with new contests starting every first day of the month, and ending every last day of the month.  Winners will be announced no later than the 10th day of the following month.
  • Winning coupons can only be used for purchases on the USA website and cannot be traded for cash value.

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