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MonoPoly Invisible Thread
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My favorite invisible thread is MonoPoly™ by Superior Threads.  MonoPoly™ comes on a 2200 yard spool in clear (matte) or smoke.

How do I use it? Let me count the ways!

  • When quilting a quilt with many different colors and fabrics, MonoPoly™ lets me use just one thread for all my quilting. I use CLEAR on light colored fabrics and SMOKE on dark fabrics.
  • For thread painting, I love to use MonoPoly™ on the bobbin. I can change the top thread to my heart's content but never have to mess with the bobbin!
  • MonoPoly™ is terrific for my favorite method of machine appliqué. I call it "mock needle-turn" because it gives the look of hand appliqué in a fraction of the time.

    I use a water-soluble appliqué foundation and a washable glue stick to turn the edges of the fabric under. Then I glue the pieces in place on the quilt top and stitch them in place with invisible thread.

    Click here to read more about this method of mock needle-turn machine appliqué.
  • MonoPoly™ is the perfect thread to use when preparing pieces for appliqué with fusible thread.

    I use Charlotte's Fusible Web™ fusible thread in the bobbin and the invisible thread on top. The fusible thread is nylon which melts easily. When it melts, it releases the upper thread. The MonoPoly™ is smooth enough that it just jumps right out!

    Either color of MonoPoly™ will work. However, I prefer the SMOKE because it is easier to see when it comes time to remove it.

    Click here to read more about this fun and easy method of appliqué using fusible thread.

MonoPoly™ is made of polyester, not nylon. It has many advantages over other invisible threads:

  • Polyester monofilament is heat resistant, so it is iron and dryer safe (at medium heat).
  • It will not become brittle over time.
  • It will not discolor.
  • It is strong with a low stretch.
  • It is soft and pliable.