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Fusible Thread
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    Fusible thread is a terrific product for fusing appliqué pieces in place. Made from nylon which melts at a fairly low temperature, the thread looks a bit like dental floss and can be used in the bobbin or through the needle.

    My favorite brand of fusible thread is Charlotte's Fusible Web™ fusible thread which is made by Superior Threads. I prefer to use the thread in the bobbin with MonoPoly™ invisible thread on top.

    Fusible thread has many advantages over traditional fusible products:

    • It's fast and fun!
    • Your pieces are fused in place, but just along the very outer edge so you get the ease of fusible appliqué without the stiffness or flatness that often results when using traditional fusible products,
    • Once fused, the appliqué shapes stay firmly in place as you stitch around their raw edges with a decorative stitch. No pins needed. And, no shifting or moving — or puckers at the end. Sweet!
    • After completing the stitching around the edges, you can trim away the extra layers beneath the appliqué shapes if you like.

    Be sure to check out our series of Fusible Thread Videos for lots of info.

    Have you ever finished a quilt and then thought about adding a label on the back? Try stitching around the label with fusible thread and then just fuse it in place. Quick and easy!

    In addition to using the fusible thread for appliqué, Julie Woods from Australia, shared a great idea for using fusible threads with foil. All of you art quilters out there are sure to enjoy this technique!

    You can either arrange the fusible thread on top of your fabric or use your sewing machine to stitch the thread in place. (Wind the thread on the bobbin and stitch from the back or use the thread through the eye of a 100/16 topstitch needle.)

    Then place a piece of metallic foil paper (available at art supply stores) shiny side up on top of the fusible thread. Place an appliqué pressing sheet or piece of parchment paper over the foil paper. Press with a hot iron (no steam) so that the foil and thread will fuse to the fabric. Let everything cool; then pull the paper away from the design.

    Try threading the fusible thread through your needle and making seed stitches on your art piece. Then apply the foil to the seed stitches -- beautiful!