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Add-A-Quarter Ruler
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    The Add-A-Quarter™ ruler with its specially designed lip automatically adds the customary ¼-inch seam allowance to any angles and provides a straight edge for your rotary cutter.

    This handy little ruler helps make many tasks easier:

    • Use it with templates:
      • Combines the speed of rotary cutting with the accuracy of using templates.
      • Prevents template shaving.

    • Use it when foundation piecing:
      • Works great to trim off excess fabric.
      • Provides straight edge for placement of next fabric piece.

    The Add-A-Quarter™ ruler measures 1" x 6" and comes with complete directions for use.


    Note from Annie:

    Friends kept telling me I needed to get one of these rulers, but I wasn't convinced since I was very happy with my own method of paper piecing. At some point I gave in and tried a friend's Add-A-Quarter™ ruler and I had to admit: It makes a BIG difference! I LOVE how easy foundation piecing is when using the Add-A-Quarter™ ruler!