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ByAnnie's Double-Sided Basting Tape
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    This extra-sticky double-sided basting tape is excellent for sewing and crafting!


    • Works with fabric, paper, cork, vinyl, mesh, Soft and Stable, and more
    • Holds bulky/solid items that can't be pinned
    • Makes placing zippers, fold-over elastic, handles, and straps fast and easy
    • Simplifies attaching trims and appliques
    • Use to precisely position and hold items
    • Narrow width and low profile
    • Easy-to-peel backing

    Size: 3mm width x 20m (2 rolls x 10m each) or approximately 1/8" x 21.8 yards

    Instructions for use:

    1. Apply stitch side of tape to item, finger-pressing along tape's backing paper.
    2. Tear or cut to length.
    3. Peel off backing paper to expose the second sticky side.
    4. Position item and finger-press to secure.
    5. Sew pieces in place for a permanent hold.

      *Be sure to watch the videos above for extra tips and features. The first video is our Basting Tape Introduction video. The second video is from our Livestream Event. Note the chapters in the timeline. Skip to 20:02 for a Q&A session with Annie!