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Zipper Pull Set - Fall
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    By popular demand we have created color sets of our zipper pulls. 

    Perfect for use with FALL hued fabrics, this set includes colors that work well together. They will add contrast and complement any of your projects! Adding a zipper pull to leftover zipper tape gives you a new zipper out of supposed waste. You can also create a double-slide zipper from a single-slide zipper.

    The colors included are:

    • ZIPPULL-102 Ivory
    • ZIPPULL-105  Black
    • ZIPPULL-115 Gunmetal
    • ZIPPULL-120 Slate Gray
    • ZIPPULL-130 Natural
    • ZIPPULL-140 Seal Brown
    • ZIPPULL-145 Sable
    • ZIPPULL-152 Taupe
    • ZIPPULL-160 Khaki
    • ZIPPULL-180 Gold
    • ZIPPULL-203  Jewel Green
    • ZIPPULL-204  Emerald
    • ZIPPULL-205 Hemlock
    • ZIPPULL-210  Twilight
    • ZIPPULL-225  Cobalt
    • ZIPPULL-230 Union Blue
    • ZIPPULL-235  Navy
    • ZIPPULL-240  Eggplant
    • ZIPPULL-258  Wild Plum
    • ZIPPULL-265  Hot Red
    • ZIPPULL-270  Cranberry
    • ZIPPULL-280 Redwood
    • ZIPPULL-285  Tangerine
    • ZIPPULL-290  Papaya

    Most of Annie's purse, tote, and laptop carrier patterns call for zippers ranging from 5" to 24" in length. For easier inventory control, we have chosen to stock a few basic sizes ranging from 24" to 4 yards. 

    It is actually easier to use zippers longer than needed as you can avoid the stops at each end, thus leaving you with remaining zipper tape. You can now use these extra pulls with the extra zipper tape! 

    All of Annie's patterns include complete instructions for installing zippers quickly and easily. We promise that these are the easiest zippers you will ever put into a project!

    Zippers Are Easy! Tutorials

    Click here for a PDF Color Card showing all 48 colors of zippers currently available.