These hard-to-find #4.5 nylon-coil handbag zippers are perfect for all your bags, totes, and carriers. And, with 48 colors in stock, you can pick just the right color for your project!

Here's why we prefer them:

  • Dress/skirt zippers carried by most local stores are too small. The #4.5 size is just the right size for purses, bags, and totes.

  • The wide zipper tape makes insertion easy.

  • Our handbag zippers are soft and flexible, making them easy to sew through. (No more broken needles!)

  • The nylon coil is strong and durable zip after zip.

  • The extra-long pull makes your bag or purse easy to open.

  • It's easy to insert a fabric zipper pull in the large opening of the one-piece zipper pull.

Most of Annie's purse, tote, and laptop carrier patterns call for zippers ranging from 5" to 24" in length.

For easier inventory control, we have chosen to stock a few basic sizes ranging from 24" to 4 yards. It is actually easier to use zippers longer than needed as you can avoid the stops at each end.

All of Annie's patterns include complete instructions for installing zippers quickly and easily.

We promise that these are the easiest zippers you will ever put into a project!

Zippers Are EASY! Video Tutorials


Zipper-to-Pocket Tutorial


Zippers By The Yard Tutorial


Zipper Color Card


24" Handbag Zipper
24" Zipper Ring (48 colors)
30" Zipper Ring (48 colors)
4YD - Zippers by the Yard
Individual Zipper Pulls
Set of 24" Zippers - Brights
Set of 24" Zippers - Darks
Set of 24" Zippers - Fall
Set of 24" Zippers - Lights
Set of 24" Zippers - Neutrals
Set of 24" Zippers - Spring
Set of 30" Zippers - Brights
Set of 30" Zippers - Darks
Set of 30" Zippers - Fall
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