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April 5, 2024 by
River Harrison

ByAnnie is pleased to announce our latest pattern, Running With Scissors!! Watch the intro video above to find out all about this awesome bag, or continue reading below to find out how useful it can be for you!


This pattern was designed in collaboration with popular fabric designer, Tula Pink, specifically to hold Tula's hardware collection. When creating this pattern, Annie put a lot of thought into how to best protect these special tools.

The pattern provides instructions for vinyl pockets, which give added 'grip' to hold the tools in place, and quilted fabric pockets to protect sharp points and provide extra cushioning. Each slot is spaced perfectly to ensure tools don't knock up against each other.

Further protection is provided by inserting the pressing pad inside the case, creating a gentle barrier between both sides when closed. It also doubles as a handy ironing pad for when you're sewing on-the-go.


While designing this pattern, Annie didn't want to let any space go to waste. You'll find larger pockets sitting behind the slots, which span the length of the bag. This allows you to carry longer items, such as a Quick Turn Tool.

You'll also enjoy the spacious outside pockets that are perfect for holding things like patterns, rulers or more.

One of the best features of this pattern, is that it provides instructions on how to make all your slots and pockets completely customized to fit your needs.


Because this bag is so easy to customize, the possibilities for its uses are endless. Here are just a few of our favorite examples:

  • Use it as a handy travelling case to store toiletries and personal items.
  • Store small tools needed for projects around the house.
  • Use it for carrying other crafting tools, for hobbies such as beading, crocheting/knitting, jewelry making, etc.
  • Organize your art supplies such as brushes, pencils, pens and more.
  • Laminate your fabric with some iron-on vinyl and use it as a makeup and cosmetics bag.


Running With Scissors has a wonderful companion pattern called Take A Stand. Its A-frame shape allows you to drape the Running With Scissors bag over the top of it, so you have convenient and easy access to your tools while conserving space at your work table.

The small version of Take A Stand is great for transporting an iron or other supplies, while the larger Take A Stand is great for carrying fabric, project pieces or even a small sewing machine!

Together, they make it easy for you to have everything you need when traveling to classes or retreats.


Be sure to watch our “Gathering Supplies” video for other items you’ll need to complete your project. You can also find a supply list located on the back cover of your pattern, or online under the “Supply List” tab on the Running With Scissors page. 

Please note that this pattern also comes with access to add-on video tutorials, which can help you through some of the more challenging aspects of the project. A coupon code is provided when you purchase the pattern, allowing you to have access to the videos through your digital library, when logged into your account on

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