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My Add-on Video Coupon isn't working? What is up?

Add-on video coupons do not have a defined expiration date and should work for any order.

That said, know that they are limited to use on only Add-on Video products and can only be used once

The main things to look out for:

  • Make sure you have the Add-on Video in your cart, NOT the pattern.
  • Make sure that you are logged-in to your account. If you try to enter the coupon as a guest, it won't have a Digital Library to which to add your video.
  • You are entering the code in the "coupon" field of the checkout process, and not the "notes" field.
  • Your Add-on Video coupon code isn't unique to each pattern, but unique to Add-on Video products. For example, if you ordered two patterns with Add-on Videos you could use the coupon that was within the Catch All Caddy 2.0 pattern and apply it to your purchase of the Ruler Wrap Add-on Videos.
  • Your coupon code doesn't expire, and neither will the video after it's purchased.

It's also not uncommon that it's already been added to your Digital Library, maybe at an earlier date or on an earlier try. Double-check that it's not currently in your Digital Library.

To help, here's a video of Annie going through the Add-on Video checkout process. It's a great resource to see each step of the process and where it might be going awry.

If you know that the things above aren't the issue and you are still getting a message that your code is expired, invalid, or exceeded it's usage limit please email us via the general questions tab and include you code.

We can then manually enter the code on the backend of the website and add the videos to your digital library.

How do I use the website?

We've put together a video that goes over many of the basic features of our website and how to get the most value out of it. We hope this is helpful.

How do I access my videos and downloadable PDFs?

Why do I have a coupon in my pattern and how do I use it?

If you are buying the paper version of a pattern that has an Add-on Video™, you are likely to get a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video™. You can verify this by reviewing description of the pattern you are buying. If the description indicates that a coupon is included, we recommend waiting until your pattern arrives by mail and then coming back to the website to purchase your Add-on Video™.

If you are buying a PDF version (only available on limited number of patterns) or if you bought your pattern prior to the introduction of Add-on Videos, you will need to purchase the Add-on Video™.

Video and digital content is only available when logged in and connected to the internet. It is not available on CD or DVD.

Add-on Videos are a new feature that we’ve begun adding to our latest patterns. Because so much time goes into the production of each video, we are currently focusing on our newest patterns.

For a full list of Add-on Videos that are available, click HERE.

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